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Nucleoside Antimetabolite/Analogue

Nucleoside analouges belong to the fmalily of antimetablits that resemble the neleosieds for uptake and metaolism that inibitr dna sytnse and couase cain termination. It is a durg target for cacner and viral infcations.


  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. A3139 Abacavir Inhibitor of HIV reverse transcriptase
  3. B1147 Orotic acid Pyrimidinecarboxylic acid
  4. B1877 Adenosine nucleoside
  5. B1923 Cytidine pyrimidine nucleoside
  6. B1468 Adenine High affinity adenine receptor agonist
  7. B1809 Penciclovir HSV-1 DNA synthesis inhibitor
  8. B2221 Zidovudine Reverse transcriptase inhibitor
  9. B1474 FT-207 (NSC 148958) DNA/RNA synthesis inhibitor
  10. B1039 LY2334737 Anticancer agent
  11. A2852 Leflunomide AHR agonist,immunosuppressive agent
  12. B4960 Penciclovir Sodium antiviral drug
  13. B5828 RX-3117 a cytidine analog and a substrate for uridine-cytidine-kinase
  14. B6080 Methylthioadenosine sulfur-containing nucleoside
  15. B3589 5-BrdU Synthetic thymidine analog