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P2X purinergic receptor

P2X purinergic receptor is a famliy of ATP-gated cation channels. It is widely distributed in the body and paly an important role in regulation of synaptic transmission, vascular endothelium and nociception etc.

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  2. B6577 2-Methylthioadenosine triphosphate tetrasodium salt P2 purinoceptor agonist
  3. B7436 5-BDBD P2X4 receptor antagonist
  4. A3130 A 438079 P2X7 receptor antagonist,competitive and selective
  5. A3131 A 438079 hydrochloride P2X7 receptor antagonist,competitive and selective
  6. B5613 A 804598 P2X7 antagonist,potent and selective
  7. A3134 A-317491 P2X3 and P2X2/3 receptor antagonist
  8. B7582 ATPγS tetralithium salt P2 purinergic receptor agonist
  9. B5410 AZ 10606120 dihydrochloride Potent P2X7 receptor antagonist
  10. B7362 AZ 11645373 Human P2X7 antagonist,potent and selective
  11. C5579 Brilliant Blue G used for protein staining in SDS-PAGE, Blue Native PAGE, and the Bradford Method; selective inhibitor of the P2X purinoceptor channel P2X7

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