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NK3 Receptor

NK3 (neurokinin receptor 3) is a G-protein coupled receptor belongs to the tachykinine receptors family. It is involved in afferent neuron transmission and intestinal motility and secretion.

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. A3855 Talnetant hydrochloride Talnetant hydrochloride
  3. A3854 Talnetant Talnetant (SB 223412) is a potent and selective NK3 receptor antagonist. Selectivity studies versus the other neurokinin receptors (hNK-2-CHO and hNK-1-CHO) revealed that Talnetant is about 100-fold selective for the hNK-3 versus hNK-2 receptor, with no affinity for the hNK-1 at concentrations up to 100 microM.
  4. B7350 SSR 146977 hydrochloride New Product
  5. B6710 SB 218795 New Product
  6. B6580 Senktide New Product
  7. A3795 SB-222200 SB 222200 is a selective and potent antagonist of NK-3 receptor [1].

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