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Melatonin Receptors

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. B6428 2-Iodomelatonin melatonin agonist
  3. B6404 2-Phenylmelatonin melatonin agonist
  4. B6559 4-P-PDOT Melatonin receptor antagonist
  5. B6307 6-Chloromelatonin melatonin agonist
  6. B6560 8-M-PDOT Melatonin receptor agonist
  7. B6638 DH 97 MT2 melatonin receptor antagonist
  8. B6493 GR 135531 MT3 receptor agonist
  9. B6483 Luzindole Melatonin antagonist
  10. C5386 N-Acetylserotonin an agonist at the melatonin receptors MT1, MT2, and MT3
  11. B6274 N-Acetyltryptamine melatonin receptor modulator

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