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LPA Receptor

LPA receptor belongs to GPCRs and is important for lipid signaling.

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  2. B7515 1-Oleoyl lysophosphatidic acid sodium salt Activates LPA receptor
  3. A3167 AM-095 free base Potent LPA1 receptor antagonist
  4. A3166 AM095 Potent LPA1 receptor antagonist
  5. A3170 AM966 LPA1 antagonist, oral active, high affinity, selective,
  6. C3497 DBIBB LPA2 agonist
  7. B5744 H2L 5765834 lysophosphatidic acid receptors antagonist
  8. B5748 H2L5186303 lysophosphatidic acid 2 (LPA2) receptor antagonist
  9. B1591 Ki16198 LPA antagonist
  10. A1987 Ki16425 LPA receptor antagonist
  11. B7818 ONO-7300243 LPA1 antagonist

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