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Endothelin Receptor

Endothelin receptors are members of rhodopsin-like g-protein coupled receptor (GPCRA) with 4 types (ETA, ETB1, ETB2 and ETC), which mediate various physiological processes including vasoconstriction, vasodilation, and neurotransmission etc.

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. A3201 Atrasentan hydrochloride Endothelin receptor antagonist
  3. A3208 Avosentan ETA receptor antagonist
  4. B1682 Bosentan Endothelin receptor antagonist
  5. B1521 Bosentan Hydrate endothelin receptor antagonist
  6. B5062 Endothelin 3 (human, rat) Endogenous neuropeptide with selectivity for the putative ETC endothelin receptor
  7. A1929 Macitentan Endothelin (ET)(A) and ET(B) receptor antagonist
  8. B5217 Sarafotoxin S6a Endothelin receptor agonist
  9. B5069 Sarafotoxin S6b non-selective endothelin receptor agonist
  10. A5489 Zibotentan (ZD4054) ETA receptor antagonist,potent and specific

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