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Bombesin Receptors

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  2. B5426 [D-Phe12,Leu14]-Bombesin New Product
  3. B5401 BIM 23042 Ki: 49 ±14 nM for neuromedin B-induced endpoint in huNMBR cells
  4. B5331 BIM 189 IC50: 10.4 nM for rat pancreas; 2.4 nM for Guinea pig pancreas
  5. B5330 BIM 187 Bombesin has common effects on the gastrointestinal tract and feeding behavior. Bombesin acts on two types of receptors including one with high affinity for neuromedin B and another with high affinity for bombesin and gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP).
  6. B5230 Litorin New Product
  7. B5228 [D-Phe12]-Bombesin New Product
  8. B5225 Neuromedin B (porcine) New Product
  9. B5215 Neuromedin C (porcine) New Product
  10. B5194 BIM 23127 Ki: 20.9 nM for neuromedin B receptors
  11. B5171 GRP (human) New Product

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