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erbB-2Tyrosine kinase (TK) receptor


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Chemical Properties

Cas No. SDF Download SDF
Synonyms H2N-Lys-Ile-Phe-Gly-Ser-Leu-Ala-Phe-Leu-OH
Canonical SMILES O=C(N[C@@H]([C@H](CC)C)C(N[C@@H](CC1=CC=CC=C1)C(NCC(N[C@@H](CO)C(N[C@@H](CC(C)C)C(N[C@H](C)C(N[C@@H](CC2=CC=CC=C2)C(N[C@@H](CC(C)C)C(O)=O)=O)=O)=O)=O)=O)=O)=O)[C@H](CCCCN)N
Formula C50H78N10O11 M.Wt 995.21
Solubility Storage Store at -20°C
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erbB-2 is a transmembrane, tyrosine kinase (TK) receptor whose overexpression is associated with adverse prognosis in breast cancer1.

The human epidermal growth factor receptor (erbB-2) is a transmembrane receptor that is overexpressed in 15%–25% of breast cancers. erbB-2 overactivity is associated with adverse biological characteristics and poor clinical outcomes1.Overexpression of erbB2 in cell lines leads to transformation in the absence of a ligand2. None of the EGF family of ligands binds to ErbB2 directly. Therefore, in a technical sense, ErbB2 remains an orphan receptor.

A wide variety of human tumors contain an amplified or overexpressed erbB-2 gene, which encodes a growth factor receptor-like protein. When erbB-2 complementary DNA was expressed in NIH/3T3 cells under the control of the SV40 promoter, the gene lacked transforming activity despite expression of detectable levels of the erbB-2 protein. A further five- to tenfold increase in its expression under influence of the long terminal repeat of Moloney murine leukemia virus was associated with activation of erbB-2 as a potent oncogene. The high levels of the erbB-2 product associated with malignant transformation of NIH/3T3 cells were observed in human mammary tumor cells that overexpressed this gene3.

Figure1. Structure of erbB-2



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3. P.P. Di Fiore, J. H. Pierce, M. H. Kraus, O. Segatto, C. R. King, S. A. Aaronson. erbB-2 is a Potent Oncogene When Overexpressed in NIH/3T3 Cells. Science, New Series, 237: 178-182