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Rho GTPases act as molecular switches that convert and amplify external signals into cellular effects upon activation of cell surface receptor in various signaling transduction pathway. It functions in cell proliferation, motility, survival cytoskeletal remodeling and membrane trafficking etc.

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  2. B2219 EHop-016 Rac1/Rac3 GTPase inhibitor,potent and specific
  3. A8300 ZCL278 Selective Cdc42 inhibitor
  4. A1952 NSC 23766 Selective inhibitor of Rac1-GEF interaction.
  5. C5803 (S)-CCG-1423 Rho inhibitor
  6. C5799 (R)-CCG-1423 Rho inhibitor
  7. C3687 CCG-100602 Rho pathway inhibitor
  8. B4897 CCG-1423 RhoA inhibitor
  9. B4809 K-115 Selective Rho kinase inhibitor
  10. A8902 6H05 K-Ras inhibitor
  11. B5773 AS 1892802 ROCK inhibitor,potent and ATP-competitive

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