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Cell Cycle/Checkpoint

Cell Cycle

Cells undergo a complex cycle of growth and division that is referred to as the cell cycle. The cell cycle consists of four phases, G1 (GAP 1), S (synthesis), G2 (GAP 2) and M (mitosis). DNA replication occurs during S phase. When cells stop dividing temporarily or indefinitely, they enter a quiescent state called G0. read more

Products for  Cell Cycle/Checkpoint

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. A8732 Senexin B CDK8/CDK19 inhibitor, highly potent, selective and orally available
  3. A3291 CCT241533 Potent Chk2 inhibitor
  4. A8717 THZ2 CDK7 inhibitor
  5. B4787 SF1670 PTEN inhibitor, potent and specific
  6. A3921 Vinorelbine ditartrate Anti-mitotic chemotherapy drug
  7. A3210 AZ20 ATR inhibitor,potent and selective
  8. B1383 VE-822 ATR inhibitor
  9. A8336 KU-60019 Top Seller ATM kinase inhibitor,potent and selective
  10. A4605 KU 55933 Top Seller ATM inhibitor,potent and selective
  11. A8626 ETP-46464 ATR inhibitor,potent and selective
  12. A8625 CP-466722 ATM inhibitor,potent and reversible
  13. A8624 CGK733 ATM/ATR inhibitor,potent and selective
  14. A2521 VE-821 Top Seller ATR kinase inhibitor
  15. B5389 Mirin New Product
  16. A4125 CYC116 Potent Aurora A/B inhibitor
  17. A4127 GSK1070916 Aurora B/C inhibitor
  18. A4128 PF-03814735 Aurora A/B inhibitor
  19. A3214 AZD1152 Aurora B kinase inhibitor,highly potent and selective
  20. A3760 Reversine A3 adenosine receptor antagonist,ARK-1/-2/-3 inhibitor
  21. A3804 SCH-1473759 Aurora A/B inhibitor
  22. A3939 XL228 IGF1R/AURORA /FGFR1-3/ABL/SRC family kinases inhibitor
  23. A4488 Anacardic acid HAT inhibitor
  24. A4489 TC-A 2317 hydrochloride Aurora kinase A inhibitor,potent and selective
  25. A4124 TAK-901 Novel Aurora A/B inhibitor
  26. A4122 PHA-680632 Aurora kinase inhibitor,novel and potent
  27. A4121 SNS-314 Mesylate Aurora A/B/C kinases inhibitor, potent and selective
  28. A4129 ENMD-2076 L-(+)-Tartaric acid Aurora kinases inhibitor
  29. A4113 ZM 447439 Aurora Kinase inhibitor,potent and selective
  30. A4112 Barasertib (AZD1152-HQPA) Top Seller Aurora Kinase B inhibitor, Potent and selective
  31. A4111 VX-680 (MK-0457,Tozasertib) Top Seller Aurora kinase inhibitor
  32. A4130 ENMD-2076 Selective Aurora A/Flt3 inhibitor
  33. A4131 CCT129202 Aurora kinase inhibitor,ATP-competitive and potent
  34. A4132 CCT137690 Aurora A/B/C inhibitor
  35. A4114 MLN8054 Aurora A inhibitor
  36. A4115 JNJ-7706621 Potent CDK/Aurora kinase inhibitor
  37. A4116 Danusertib (PHA-739358) Top Seller Pan-aurora kinase inhibitor
  38. A4117 AT9283 Aurora kinase/JAK inhibitor
  39. A4118 Hesperadin Top Seller Aurora B kinase inhibitor
  40. A4119 AMG-900 Aurora kinase inhibitor
  41. A4120 MK-5108 (VX-689) Aurora-A kinase inhibitor,highly selective
  42. A4110 MLN8237 (Alisertib) Top Seller Aurora A Kinase inhibitor, Potent and selective
  43. A4126 Aurora A Inhibitor I Aurora A inhibitor
  44. A8807 MK-8745 Aurora A inhibitor,potent and selective
  45. B9014 ML 141
  46. A8300 ZCL278 Selective Cdc42 inhibitor
  47. A3721 PHA-767491 Cdc7/cdk9 inhibitor, potent, ATP-competitive
  48. B1015 XL413 hydrochloride Cdc7 inhibitor
  49. B1232 XL413 Cdc7 inhibitor
  50. B1088 LY2606368 CHK1 inhibitor
  51. B1236 BML-277 Chk2 inhibitor,potent and highly selective
  52. B1437 PF-477736 Chk1 inhibitor
  53. A8638 LY2603618 Chk1 inhibitor,highly selective
  54. A5919 AZD7762 Top Seller Checkpoint kinase inhibitor,ATP competitive
  55. A3292 CCT241533 hydrochloride CHK2 kinase inhibitor, novel
  56. B5880 CCT244747 Potent and selective CHK1 inhibitor
  57. B7248 NSC 109555 ditosylate New Product
  58. A9908 Chk1 and MK2 Inhibitors set Chk1- and MK2 inhibitors
  59. A8477 MK-8776 (SCH-900776) Chk1 inhibitor,potent and selective
  60. A8394 CHIR-124 Chk1 inhibitor,novel and potent
  61. B7249 TCS 2312 New Product
  62. A1169 10058-F4 C-Myc-Max dimerization inhibitor
  63. B1463 KPT-276 inhibitor of nuclear export (SINE) and CRM1, orally bioavailable
  64. B1464 KPT-330 CRM1 inhibitor, orally bioavailable and selective
  65. B1462 KPT-185 CRM1 inhibitor,selective and irrversible
  66. B4889 Verdinexor (KPT-335) SINE inhibitor, potent and selective
  67. A8326 AZD-5438 Top Seller Potent CDK1/2/9 inhibitor
  68. A8882 THZ1 Top Seller Covalent CDK7 inhibitor,potent and selective
  69. A8641 LEE011 CDK4/6 inhibitor
  70. A8412 Dinaciclib (SCH727965) Top Seller Potent CDK inhibitor
  71. B7464 TMCB New Product
  72. B7445 (R)-DRF053 dihydrochloride cdk/CK1 inhibitor,potent and ATP-competitive
  73. B7128 Ryuvidine New Product
  74. B6956 NSC 625987 New Product
  75. B6935 Aminopurvalanol A New Product
  76. B6720 Kenpaullone New Product
  77. B5220 [Ala92]-p16 (84-103) New Product
  78. B7716 Senexin A CDK8 inhibitor
  79. B7063 Arcyriaflavin A inhibitor of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) replication
  80. B7633 PF 4800567 hydrochloride New Product
  81. B8002 LY2857785 CDK9 inhibitor
  82. B4830 RGB-286638 CDKs inhibitor
  83. B7798 PD 0332991 (Palbociclib) CDK4/6 inhibitor,highly selective
  84. A8739 CCT251545 analogue, Compound 51 Potent, Selective, orally bioavailable CDK 8/19 Inhibitor
  85. A8736 THZ531 CDK12 and CDK13 covalent inhibitor
  86. B6042 K03861 CDK2 inhibitor
  87. A8718 GX-674 Nav1.7 antagonist
  88. B5926 AZD-5597 Potent CDK inhibitor
  89. B4990 Purvalanol A
  90. A8885 Ro 3306 An ATP-competitive, potent CDK1 inhibitor
  91. B4831 RGB-286638 free base
  92. B6892 NSC 693868 New Product
  93. B1233 CDK4 inhibitor CDK4/Cyclin D1 inhibitor
  94. A3794 SB1317 CDK,JAK and FLT inhibitor
  95. A3676 NVP-LCQ195 CDK1/CDK2/CDK5 inhibitor
  96. A3575 LY2835219 free base CDK inhibitor
  97. A3417 Flavopiridol Pan-cdk inhibitor
  98. A3336 CVT-313 Cdk2 inhibitor
  99. A3303 CGP60474 CDKs and PKC inhibitor, potent
  100. A3295 CDK9 inhibitor 2 CDK9 inhibitor
  101. A3294 CDK9 inhibitor CDK9 inhibitor
  102. A3293 CDK inhibitor II CDK inhibitor
  103. A3266 BS-181 CDK7 inhibitor,highly selective
  104. A3198 AT7519 trifluoroacetate CDK/cyclin inhibitor
  105. A3806 SCH900776 S-isomer Checkpoint kinase(Chk)inhibitor
  106. A1980 SNS-032 (BMS-387032) Top Seller CDK inhibitor
  107. A1723 Roscovitine (Seliciclib,CYC202) CDK inhibitor,potent and selective
  108. A8640 Flavopiridol hydrochloride CDK inhibitor, potent and selective
  109. A8639 Deferasirox Oral iron chelator
  110. A8565 Purvalanol B CDK1/CDK2/CDK4 inhibitor
  111. A8385 BMS265246 CDK1/2 inhibitor,potent and selective
  112. A3197 AT7519 Hydrochloride Multi-CDK inhibitor
  113. A8501 PHA-848125 CDK inhibitor,potent and ATP-competitive
  114. A8335 Palbociclib (PD0332991) Isethionate Top Seller CDK4/6 inhibitor,highly selective
  115. A5459 PHA-793887 Pan-Cdk inhibitor
  116. A5700 BS-181 HCl CDK7 inhibitor,highly selective
  117. A8316 PD 0332991 (Palbociclib) HCl Top Seller CDK4/6 inhibitor,highly selective
  118. A5719 AT7519 Multi-CDK inhibitor
  119. A1794 LY2835219 CDK4/6 inhibitor,potent and selective
  120. A1986 Nu 6027 ATR/CDK inhibitor, potent and selective
  121. B4754 LDC000067 CDK9 inhibitor, novel and highly specific
  122. B3707 ML167 Clk4 inhibitor,highly selective
  123. B1085 LEE011 succinate hydrate CDK inhibitor
  124. B1084 LEE011 succinate CDK inhibitor
  125. B1083 LEE011 hydrochloride CDK inhibitor
  126. B1234 WHI-P180 hydrochloride inhibitor of Cdk2, EGFR and Janus Kinase 3
  127. A8643 WHI-P180 EGFR/Janus Kinase 3 inhibitor
  128. A8642 R547 CDK1/2/4 inhibitor,ATP-competitive
  129. B3277 AMG 925 FLT3/CDK4 inhibitor,potent and selective
  130. A4467 SU 9516 Cdk2 inhibitor
  131. B4665 CDK7-IN-1
  132. B4736 THZ1 Hydrochloride CDK7 inhibitor
  133. B1244 PYZD-4409 E1 enzyme inhibitor
  134. A3119 360A G-quadruplex structures inhibitor
  135. A3120 360A iodide G-quadruplex structures inhibitor
  136. A3742 Pyridostatin Drug used for promoting growth arrest
  137. A3309 CHR-6494 Haspin inhibitor,potent ands selective
  138. B8009 UNC0379 UNC0379 is a selective, substrate-competitive inhibitor of the lysine methyltransferase SETD8 with IC50 of 7.3±1.0 uM; selective over 15 other methyltransferases.
  139. B3281 Kif15-IN-2 Kif15 kinesin inhibitor
  140. B3280 Kif15-IN-1 Kif15 kinesin inhibitor
  141. A3450 GSK-923295 Top Seller CENP-E inhibitor,small-molecule
  142. B6039 ARQ 621 Eg5 inhibitor
  143. B6075 Monastrol Eg5 inhibitor
  144. B3706 MPI-0479605 Mps1 inhibitor,selective and ATP competitive
  145. A4458 ARRY 520 trifluoroacetate KSP inhibitor
  146. A3188 ARRY-520 R enantiomer KSP inhibitor
  147. A5343 Ispinesib (SB-715992) Kinesin spindle protein (KSP)inhibitor
  148. B1590 SB743921 Potent KSP inhibitor
  149. B4757 INH6 Hec1/Nek2 inhibitor, potent
  150. B3387 Eribulin Eribulin (E7389; ER-086526), a synthetic analogue of halichondrin B in phase III clinical trials for breast cancer, binds to tubulin and microtubules.
  151. B3386 Eribulin mesylate Eribulin Mesylate (E7389 Mesylate), a synthetic analogue of halichondrin B in phase III clinical trials for breast cancer, binds to tubulin and microtubules.
  152. B1634 Fosbretabulin (Combretastatin A4 Phosphate (CA4P)) Disodium microtubule destabilizing drug, water-soluble
  153. B1320 Cys-mcMMAD Monomethyl auristatin D (MMAD), a potent tubulin inhibitor, is a toxin payload in antibody drug conjugate.
  154. B2157 Cabazitaxel Cabazitaxel(XRP6258; RPR-116258A) is a semi-synthetic derivative of the natural taxoid 10-deacetylbaccatin III with potential antineoplastic activity.
  155. A1623 Epothilone A Microtubule stabilizing macrolide
  156. A1630 Epothilone B (EPO906, Patupilone) Microtubule stabilizing macrolide
  157. A1493 ABT-751 (E7010) Inhibitor of microtubule polymerization,antimitotic
  158. A3128 7-xylosyltaxol Taxol (Paclitaxel) derivative
  159. A4395 10-DAB (10-Deacetylbaccatin) Top Seller Precursor of antitumor compound Palitaxel and Docetaxel
  160. A4394 Docetaxel Top Seller Microtubulin disassembly inhibitor
  161. A4393 Paclitaxel (Taxol) Top Seller Antineoplastic agent
  162. A3324 Colchicine Tubulin Inhibitor
  163. A3344 D-64131 Tubulin polymerization inhibitor
  164. A1765 Vincristine sulfate Microtubule disrupter,antitumor agent
  165. A3910 Vc-MMAD Potent tubulin inhibitor
  166. A3731 Podophyllotoxin Antineoplastic
  167. A3370 Docetaxel Trihydrate Depolymerisation of microtubules inhibitor
  168. A3394 Epothilone D Natural polyketide compound
  169. A3590 Mc-MMAD Potent tubulin inhibitor
  170. B6076 Myoseverin microtubule-binding molecule
  171. B1066 Dolastatin 10 trifluoroacetate Antitumor agent
  172. B5922 Cevipabulin Anti-microtubule agent
  173. B5870 ELR510444 Novel microtubule disruptor
  174. B4892 TAI-1 Hec1 inhibitor, potent, first-in-class
  175. B6986 Flutax 1 New Product
  176. A3631 Monomethyl auristatin E Antimitotic agent
  177. A3630 MMAD Tubulin inhibitor,highly potent
  178. B7788 MPC 6827 hydrochloride Potent microtubule inhibitor
  179. B3680 Griseofulvin
  180. B3058 CK-636 Arp2/3 complex inhibitor
  181. B3062 CW069 allosteric inhibitor of HSET, selective
  182. B1035 Dolastatin 10 Antitumor agent
  183. B1635 CYT997 (Lexibulin) CYT997 is a potent microtubule polymerization inhibitor with IC50 of 10-100 nM in cancer cell lines. Phase 1/2.
  184. B1636 Vinflunine Tartrate Vinflunine is a new vinca alkaloid uniquely fluorinated with the properties of mitotic-arresting and tubulin-interacting activity. Phase 2/3.
  185. B3526 Vintafolide
  186. B1136 Nemorubicin Doxorubicin analog,anticancer drug
  187. A8372 AZ3146 Mps1 inhibitor,potent and selective
  188. B5819 NMS-P715 MPS1 kinase inhibitor
  189. B4907 Mps1-IN-1 Mps1 kinase inhibitor
  190. B4805 Mps1-IN-3
  191. B1138 Mps1-IN-2 Mps1 kinase inhibitor
  192. A3764 RI-1 RAD51 inhibitor,cell-permeable
  193. B5881 RI-2 Optimized reversible RAD51 inhibitor
  194. A5734 Fasudil (HA-1077) HCl Protein kinase inhibitor
  195. A3945 Y-33075 ROCK inhibitor,potent and selective
  196. A3825 SLx-2119 Selective ROCK2 inhibitor
  197. A3310 chroman 1 ROCK II inhibitor, highly potent and selective
  198. A3457 H-1152 Rho-kinase inhibitor
  199. A3458 H-1152 dihydrochloride Rho-kinase inhibitor
  200. A3642 Narciclasine Modulates the Rho/ROCK/LIM kinase/cofilin pathway
  201. A3771 RKI-1447 Potent ROCK1/ROCK2 inhibitor

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