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HyperScribe™ T7 High Yield Cy5 RNA Labeling Kit

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RNA probe for Cy5 modification obtained by in vitro transcription
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25 rxns
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Components and Storage

Components 25 rxns
T7 RNA Polymerase Mix 50 uL
10X Reaction Buffer 50 uL
ATP (20 mM) 50 uL
GTP (20 mM) 50 uL
UTP (20 mM) 37.5 uL
CTP (20 mM) 50 uL
Cy5-UTP (10 mM) 25 uL
Control Template (0.5 ug/uL) 5 uL
RNase-free H2O 1 mL

Store all the kit components at -20°C.


HyperScribe™ T7 High Yield Cy5 RNA Labeling Kit is designed to generate randomly Cy5-modified RNA probes by in vitro transcription. Such probes are ideally suited for in situ hybridization and Northern blot hybridization experiments. The principle of labeling is similar to the basic labeling principle of a mixture of Cy5 RNA labels. Cy5-UTP is efficiently incorporated into RNA using the optimized reaction buffer and T7 RNA polymerase mixture in place of its natural counterpart UTP. An appropriate Cy5-UTP substitution typically achieves an optimal balance between reaction and labeling efficiency. However, the individual optimization of the Cy5-UTP/UTP ratio can be easily achieved using a single nucleotide format. The resulting Cy5 -modified RNA probe can then be detected by fluorescence spectroscopy.


Store all the kit components at -20°C.