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HyperScribe™ All in One mRNA Synthesis Kit (ARCA, T7, poly(A))

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Used for the synthesis of ARCA capped and poly(A) tailed mRNA in vitro
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25 rxns
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HyperScribe™ All in One mRNA Synthesis Kit (ARCA, T7, poly(A)) is designed for quick production of ARCA capped and poly(A) tailed mRNA in vitro. Capped mRNA is synthesized by co-transcriptional incorporation of Anti-Reverse Cap Analog (ARCA, Catalog No. B8175) using T7 RNA Polymerase. The capping of ARCA ensures high translation efficacy. After a brief DNase I treatment to remove the template DNA, capped mRNA is poly(A) tailed with Poly(A) Polymerase. Polyadenylation (i.e. addition of Poly(A) tail) plays an important role in the stabilization of RNA in eukaryotes and enhances the efficiency of translation initiation.

RNA synthesized using this kit has many applications in biological experiments, such as in vitro translation, antisense RNA and RNAi experiments, RNA vaccines, RNA structure and function studies, ribozyme biochemistry, RNase protein experiments and probe-based hybridization blots.

The kit contains sufficient reagents to carry out 25 reactions, 20 μL each time. Up to 25-180 μg of RNA can be generated with 1 μg of control template per standard reaction.

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Components and Storage

(1) Capped RNA Synthesis with ARCA

Components 25 rxns
T7 RNA Polymerase Mix 50 μL
10X Reaction Buffer 50 μL
ATP (20 mM) 50 μL
UTP (20 mM) 50 μL
CTP (20 mM) 50 μL
GTP (20 mM) 37.5 μL
ARCA (60 mM) 50 μL
Control Template (0.5 μg/μL) 5 μL
RNase-free H2O 0.5 mL

Store all kit components at -20°C.

(2) Tailing Reaction

Components 25 rxns
E-PAP (2 units/μL) 100 μL
5X E-PAP Buffer 600 μL
ATP Solution (100 mM) 100 μL
25 mM MnCl2 250 μL
Nuclease - free Water 1 mL x 2

Store all kit components at -20°C.


Store all kit components at -20°C.