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3T3-msCD40L Cell Lines

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3T3-CD40L is a mouse fibroblast cell line that secretes mouse CD40L. 3T3-CD40L cells can be co-cultured with B cells to aid B cell expansion [1].


[1] J. Huang, N. A. Doria-Rose, N. S. Longo, L. Laub, C.-L. Lin, E. Turk, B. H. Kang, S. A. Migueles, R. T. Bailer, J. R. Mascola, M. Connors, Isolation of Human Monoclonal Antibodies from Peripheral Blood B Cells. Nat. Protoc. 8, 1907-1915 (2013).

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Alternative name3T3-msCD40L, 3T3-CD40L
Cell TypeMouse 3T3 cell line expression CD40L
Accession IDCVCL_1H10
Biosafety Level2
SubculturingAdherent Cells, like fibroblast cells
Maintenance Tips3T3-CD40L cells should be irradiated in advance so that the cells secrete mouse CD40L for B cell activation and die off. Please see the reference for more details.
Propagation MediumDMEM with 10% FBS, 1% L-glutamine, and 0.1% gentamicin.
NoteFor laboratory research only. Not for clinical applications.