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  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. T1228 Phospho-PKD/PKCμ (Ser916) Antibody Polyclonal Phospho-PKD/PKCμ (Ser916) antibody, reacts with PKD1/PKCμ protein phosphorylated at Ser916
  3. T1225 Phospho-PKCα/β II (Thr638/641) Antibody Polyclonal Phospho-PKCα/β II (Thr638/641) antibody, reacts with PKCα phosphorylated at Thr638 and PKCβ II at Thr641
  4. T1174 Phospho-(Ser) PKC Substrate Antibody Polyclonal Phospho-(Ser) PKC Substrate antibody, reacts with cellular proteins phosphorylated at Ser surrounded by Arg or Lys at the -2 and +2 positions and a hydrophobic residue at the +1 position
  5. T1163 Pan Phospho-PKC (βII Ser660) Antibody Polyclonal Pan Phospho-PKC (βII Ser660) antibody, reacts with PKC α, β I, β II, δ, ε, η and θ phosphorylated at a C-terminal residue homologous to serine 660 of PKC β II


  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. A8192 Staurosporine (CGP 41251) Top Seller potent, cell permeable PKC inhibitor
  3. A8341 Go 6976 Potent protein kinase C (PKC) inhibitor (IC50 = 7.9 nM). Discriminates between Ca2+-dependent and -independent isoforms of PKC in vitro; selectively inhibits PKCα and PKCβ1 (IC50 values are 2.3 and 6.2 nM respectively).
  4. A8830 ZIP Novel, cell-permeable inhibitor of protein kinase Mζ (PKMζ), a constitutively active, atypical PKC isozyme involved in LTP maintenance.
  5. A8801 ICP 103 ICP 103
  6. A8525 Sotrastaurin (AEB071) potent and selective small-molecule PKC inhibitor
  7. A8344 K-252c cell-permeable PKC inhibitor
  8. A8343 Go 6983 pan-PKC inhibitor
  9. A8342 GF 109203X Potent and selective protein kinase C inhibitor, specifically inhibits α and β1 isoforms
  10. A1670 Enzastaurin (LY317615) Top Seller PKCβ isozyme selective inhibitor
  11. A8330 CX-4945 (Silmitasertib) Top Seller Potent, selective, and ATP-competitive CK2 inhibitor
  12. A1352 Zoledronic Acid Potent nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates
  13. A2600 (-)-Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) Top Seller Green tea extracted polyphenolic compound, antitumor, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory
  14. B2191 Dequalinium Chloride Dequalinium Chloride is a PKC inhibitor with IC50 of 7-18 μM, and also a selective blocker of apamin-sensitive K+ channels with IC50 of 1.1 μM.
  15. B1287 Ro 31-8220 pan-PKC inhibitor
  16. A3306 Chelerythrine Chloride Chelerythrine Chloride
  17. B3709 Midostaurin (PKC412) cell-permeable, reversible serine/threonine and tyrosine kinase inhibitor