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AMPAR is an glutamate ionotropic α-amino-3-hydroxy- 5-methylisoxazole-4-propionic acid receptor that mediates fast excitatory synaptic transmission in the central nervous system.


  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. A3176 Ampalex Ampakine and nootropic
  3. A3578 LY450108 AMPA receptor potentiator
  4. A3663 Noopept Nootropic and neuroprotective agent
  5. A3867 Tezampanel AMPA and receptor antagonist
  6. B1210 Aniracetam Nootropic drug for senile dementia
  7. B7154 YM 90K hydrochloride AMPA receptor antagonist
  8. B7225 CP 465022 hydrochloride AMPA receptor antagonist, non-competitive and selective
  9. B7240 CX 546 AMPA receptor potentiator
  10. B7274 GYKI 47261 dihydrochloride AMPA receptor antagonist, non-competitive and selective
  11. B7103 GYKI 53655 hydrochloride AMPA and kainate receptor antagonist
  12. B7028 ZK 200775 Competitive AMPA/kainate antagonist
  13. B6849 UBP 282 AMPA and kainate receptor antagonist
  14. B6823 Cl-HIBO desensitising AMPA receptor agonist
  15. B6811 IEM 1460 AMPA receptors blocker
  16. B6781 (S)-CPW 399 AMPA agonist,subtype-selective,weakly desensitizing
  17. B7613 IEM 1925 dihydrobromide AMPA receptor antagonist
  18. B5288 DNQX disodium salt New Product
  19. B5824 Talampanel(LY300164) AMPA-receptor antagonist
  20. B7182 Philanthotoxin 74 AMPA receptor antagonist
  21. B6585 (RS)-AMPA hydrobromide AMPAR agonist
  22. B6567 CNQX disodium salt AMPA/kainate antagonist
  23. B6566 NBQX disodium salt AMPA receptor antagonist
  24. B6238 (S)-AMPA New Product
  25. B6221 L-Quisqualic acid New Product
  26. B5566 CMPDA New Product
  27. B5493 S 18986 New Product
  28. B5350 PEPA New Product
  29. B6745 GYKI 52466 dihydrochloride AMPA receptor antagonist
  30. B6639 IDRA 21 Inhibits AMPA receptor desensitization
  31. B6590 CFM-2 AMPA antagonist
  32. B5141 pep2-EVKI New Product
  33. B5140 pep2-SVKE New Product
  34. B5139 pep2-SVKI New Product
  35. B5138 pep4c New Product
  36. B5137 pep2m New Product
  37. B7512 NPEC-caged-(S)-AMPA AMPA receptor agonist
  38. B7180 Naspm trihydrochloride Ca2+-permeable AMPA receptor antagonist
  39. B6526 Diazoxide New Product
  40. B6237 (R)-AMPA New Product
  41. A3710 Perampanel AMPA-type glutamate receptor antagonist
  42. B5142 pep2-AVKI New Product
  43. B5143 Pep1-TGL New Product
  44. B6568 1-BCP potentiator of AMPA-mediated responses
  45. B6524 SYM 2206 New Product
  46. B6415 Cyclothiazide New Product
  47. B6280 NBQX New Product
  48. B6251 (S)-(-)-5-Fluorowillardiine New Product
  49. B6222 CNQX New Product
  50. B6213 (RS)-AMPA New Product
  51. B5757 PF 4778574 New Product
  52. B5479 Pep2m, myristoylated New Product
  53. B5144 Pep1-AGL New Product
  54. B4658 LY451395 Allosteric modulator