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5-moUTP-modified mRNA with better performance, Cy3 tag, direct-detection reporter mRNA that suppresses RNA-mediated innate immune activation, used as control and tool for determining mRNA delivery and localization.
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ARCA Cy3 EGFP mRNA (5-moUTP) can be used to analyze mRNA delivery and translation efficiency. The EGFP mRNA will express an enhanced version of green fluorescent protein, which was originally isolated from the jellyfish, Aequorea victoria. EGFP is a direct detection reporter gene commonly used in mammalian cell cultures to produce bright green fluorescence with an emission peak at 509 nm. EGFP mRNA labeled with cyanine 5 can be directly visualized. ARCA Cy3 EGFP mRNA (5-moUTP) is an ideal molecule for determining mRNA delivery and localization and is independent of translation.

Cyanine 3 is a synthetic fluorescent dye with maximum excitation and emission wavelengths of 550 nm and 570 nm, respectively. APExBIO ARCA Cy3 EGFP mRNA (5-moUTP) is transcribed in a ratio of 1:3 with Cyanine 3-UTP: 5-methoxy-UTP. Substitution in this ratio results in mRNA that is easy to visualize and can still be translated in cell culture. Translation efficiency is the opposite of Cyanine 3-UTP replacement.

ARCA Cy3 EGFP mRNA (5-moUTP) is restricted using APExBIO's proprietary co-transcriptional capping method to produce a naturally occurring Cap 0 structure with high end capping efficiency. It is polyadenylation, modified with 5-methoxyuridine and optimized for mammalian systems. It mimics the fully processed mature mRNA.


mRNA Length 996 nucleotides
Concentration1.0 mg/mL
Buffer 1 mM Sodium Citrate, pH 6.4 Storage -40°C or below
General tipsDissolve it on ice and take care to prevent RNase contamination degradation. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing as much as possible. Do not vortex. For the first time, it is gently centrifuged and divided into several parts for stand-alone use. Use RNase-free reagents and consumables, using appropriate RNase-free technology. It can not be added to the serum-containing medium until it is mixed with the transfection reagent.
Shipping ConditionTrial Pack: Blue Ice Transport.