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DHODH inhibitor
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Vidofludimus (4SC-101, SC12267) is a novel small molecule inhibitor of dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (DHODH) with an IC50 value of 134nmol/L for human DHODH [1].

Vidofludimus (4SC-101, SC12267) has been reported to dose-dependently inhibit DHODH in an in vitro enzyme assay with IC50 values of 0.134μmol/L, 1.29μmol/L, 10.6μmol/L and 12.9μmol/L in human DHODH, rat DHODH, mouse DHODH and human PBMC, respectively [1]. In addition, Vidofludimus has shown the inhibition of proliferation in phytohemagglutinin-induced lymphocytes with an IC50 value of ~13μmol/L. Moreover, Vidofludimus has been revealed to concentration-dependently inhibit phytohemagglutinin-stimulated interukin-17 secretion from human peripgeral blppd mononuclear cell lines (PBMCs) with an IC50 value of 6 μmol/L [2].

[1] Kulkarni OP1, Sayyed SG, Kantner C, Ryu M, Schnurr M, Sárdy M, Leban J, Jankowsky R, Ammendola A, Doblhofer R, Anders HJ. 4SC-101, a novel small molecule dihydroorotate dehydrogenase inhibitor, suppresses systemic lupus erythematosus in MRL-(Fas) lpr mice. Am J Pathol. 2010 Jun;176(6):2840-7.
[2] Fitzpatrick LR1, Deml L, Hofmann C, Small JS, Groeppel M, Hamm S, Lemstra S, Leban J, Ammendola A. 4SC-101, a novel immunosuppressive drug, inhibits IL-17 and attenuates colitis in two murine models of inflammatory bowel disease. Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2010 Oct;16(10):1763-77.

Chemical Properties

Physical AppearanceA solid
StorageStore at -20°C
Cas No.717824-30-1
Solubilityinsoluble in H2O; insoluble in EtOH; ≥103 mg/mL in DMSO
Chemical Name2-((3-fluoro-3'-methoxy-[1,1'-biphenyl]-4-yl)carbamoyl)cyclopent-1-enecarboxylic acid
SDFDownload SDF
Canonical SMILESFC1=CC(C2=CC=CC(OC)=C2)=CC=C1NC(C3=C(C(O)=O)CCC3)=O
Shipping ConditionEvaluation sample solution: ship with blue ice. All other available sizes: ship with RT, or blue ice upon request.
General tipsFor obtaining a higher solubility, please warm the tube at 37°C and shake it in the ultrasonic bath for a while. Stock solution can be stored below -20°C for several months.

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