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HDAC Inhibitor Drug Screening Kit (Fluorometric)

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Screening of compounds for HDAC inhibition, non-radioactive, high throughput screening (HTS).
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 Histone deacetylase (HDAC) is an enzyme that removes acetyl group from a histone and plays an important role in regulating gene expression. Inhibition of HDAC can regulate transcription and induce apoptosis or differentiation in cancer cells. However, screening compounds that inhibit HDAC is difficult due to the lack of convenient way for detecting HDAC activity.

 The HDAC Inhibitor Drug Screening Kit (Fluorometric) provides a fast and convenient way for screening of compounds for HDAC inhibition by detecting HDAC activity based on fluorescence method that eliminates radioactivity, chromatography or extractions in traditional assays. The assay needs only two easy steps performed on the same microtiter plate. First, the HDAC inhibitor candidates are mixed with HeLa Nuclear Extract and HDAC fluorometric substrate that contains an acetylated lysine side chain. Second, Deacetylation of the HDAC substrate sensitizes the substrate, so that further treatment with the Lysine Developer generates a fluorophore. The fluorophore can be easily detected using a fluorometer or a fluorescence plate reader. The assay is well suitable for high throughput screening applications.

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FeaturesFast fluorescence-based method that eliminates radioactivity, extractions, or chromatography. Simple two-step procedure. Well suited for high throughput screening applications.
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Storage ConditionsStore at -20°C.

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Store at -20°C.


Kit componentsHDAC Substrate [Boc-Lys(Ac)-AMC, 4 mM] 10X HDAC Assay Buffer Lysine Developer HDAC Inhibitor (Trichostatin A, 1 mM) HeLa Nuclear Extract (5 mg/mL)