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Annexin V-Biotin Apoptosis Kit

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Detects Apoptosis by FACS or FL.
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Annexin V is a cellular protein, which plays important roles in the inhibition of the activity of phospholipase A1 and blood coagulation by competing for phosphatidylserine (PS) binding sites with prothrombin. Annexin V has a high affinity to PS and is used as a probe to detect cells that have expressed PS on the cell surface. After initiating apoptosis, cells translocate phosphatidylserine (PS) from the inner face of the plasma membrane to the cell surface soon, which can be easily detected by Annexin V.

 Annexin V-Biotin Apoptosis Detection Kit uses Biotin-conjugated Annexin V that can easily detect PS on the cell surface after initiating apoptosis. Annexin V-Biotin can be easily detected in combination with conventional dye-staining using any avidin- or streptavidine-dye reagents, such as (strept) avidine-peroxidase, -fluorescein, -alkaline phosphatase (AP), and -β-gal, etc. The result can be analyzed by fluorescence microscopy or by flow cytometry.

Features & Properties

FeaturesFast and convenient Simple one step staining procedure in 30 minutes. Annexin V-Biotin can be detected in conjunction with conventional dye-staining using any streptavidine- or avidin-dye reagents, such as (strept) avidine-fluorescein, -peroxidase, -alkaline phosphatase (AP), and -β-gal, etc.
ShippingGel pack
Storage ConditionsStore at +4°C.

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Annexin V-Biotin Apoptosis Kit

Related Biological Data

Annexin V-Biotin Apoptosis Kit

Related Biological Data

Annexin V-Biotin Apoptosis Kit


Store at +4°C.


Kit componentsAnnexin V-Biotin 1X Binding Buffer Propidium Iodide (PI)