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PDGFR (platelet-derived growth factor receptor) is a group of cell surface tyrosine kinase receptors for members of the PDGF (platelet-derived growth factor) family.

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  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. T1168 PDGFR α Antibody (84C8) Monoclonal PDGFR α antibody, reacts with PDGFR α protein
  3. T1169 PDGFR α Antibody Polyclonal PDGFR α antibody, reacts with PDGFR α protein
  4. T1170 PDGFR β Antibody Monoclonal PDGFR β antibody, reacts with PDGF receptor β protein
  5. T1223 Phospho-PDGFR α (Tyr1018) Antibody Polyclonal Phospho-PDGFR α (Tyr1018) antibody, reacts with PDGFRα protein phosphorylated at Tyr1018


  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. A2942 Masitinib (AB1010) Tyrosine kinase inhibitor, potent and selective
  3. A2477 Tyrphostin AG 1296 PDGFR inhibitor,selective and ATP-competitive
  4. A8255 Sunitinib malate Top Seller VEGFR/PDGFRβ/ KIT/ FLT3/RET/CSF-1R inhibitor
  5. A8691 Flumatinib mesylate Flumatinib (HH-GV-678) ,a derivative of imatinib, is a multi-kinase inhibitor with IC50 Values of 1.2 nM, 307.6 nM and 2662 nM for c-Abl, PDGFRβ and c-Kit respectively.
  6. A8237 SKLB610 Top Seller Potent VEGFR inhibitor
  7. A8236 Regorafenib Top Seller Inhibitor of VEGFR/PDGFR/FGFR/mutant kit/RET/Raf-1
  8. A3954 ZM323881 VEGFR-2/KDR inhibitor,potent and selective
  9. A3022 Pazopanib (GW-786034) Top Seller VEGFR/PDGFR/FGFR inhibitor
  10. A4237 Amuvatinib (MP-470, HPK 56) Top Seller Tyrosine kinase inhibitor
  11. A3354 DCC-2618 C-Kit/PDGFR inhibtor
  12. A3487 Imatinib hydrochloride V-Abl/c-Kit/PDGFR inhibitor
  13. A3582 Masitinib mesylate Tyrosine kinase inhibitor
  14. A3879 Toceranib c-Kit/VEGFR/PDGFR inhibtor
  15. A3880 Toceranib phosphate c-Kit/VEGFR/PDGFR inhibtor
  16. A8476 MK-2461 C-Met (WT/mutants) inhibitor
  17. B6642 DMPQ dihydrochloride New Product
  18. A8307 Crenolanib (CP-868596) Top Seller PDGFR-β inhibitor,potent and selective
  19. A5467 Ponatinib (AP24534) pan-BCR-ABL inhibitor,multi-kinase inhibitor
  20. A1805 Imatinib Mesylate (STI571) Top Seller Abl/c-kit/PDGFR inhibitor
  21. A3009 Sorafenib Top Seller Raf kinases and tyrosine kinases inhibitor
  22. A8252 Nintedanib (BIBF 1120) Top Seller VEGFR/PDGFR/FGFR inhibitor
  23. A8245 Sorafenib Tosylate Top Seller Raf kinases and tyrosine kinases inhibitor
  24. B7354 SU 16f New Product
  25. B1045 Sunitinib RTK inhibitor