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IGF1R (insulin-Like growth factor 1 receptor) is a receptor tyrosine kinase that bind to insulin-like growth factor 1 with high affinity. It plays a vital role in in cell growth, cell survival and malignant transformation etc.

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  2. A2673 AG-1024 Selective IGF-1R inhibitor
  3. A3209 AXL1717 IGF-1R inhibitor,orally active
  4. A2238 BMS-536924 IR/IGF-1R inhibitor
  5. A1185 BMS-754807 IGF-1R/InsR inhibitor,potent and selective
  6. A1302 GSK1904529A Selective IGF-1R/IR inhibitor
  7. A8334 Linsitinib IGF1R/IR inhibitor,potent and novel
  8. B7808 NT157 IRS-1/2 inhibitor, inhibits IGF-1R and STAT3 signaling pathway
  9. B1584 NVP-ADW742 Selective IGF-1R inhibitor
  10. A2278 NVP-AEW541 IGF-IR inhibitor, novel, potent and selective
  11. A2033 PQ 401 IGF1R inhibitor,potent and cell-permeable

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