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  2. B6413 2-Hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin cyclic oligosaccharide widely used to improve the aqueous solubility of various compounds
  3. B7753 AbK Acts as a UV light-activated photo-crosslinking probe
  4. B7747 Acridine Orange hydrochloride Cell and organelle membrane permeable nucleic acid binding dye
  5. B5443 ACSF replacement of CSF
  6. B7187 BAPTA calcium chelator
  7. B7376 Biocytin Versatile marker used in anterograde, retrograde and intracellular neuroanatomical investigations and in biotinidase assays.
  8. B7772 BIS-TRIS buffering agent used in biochemistry
  9. B7305 Boric acid Widely used in buffers for electrophoresis
  10. B7774 Bromophenol Blue Electrophoretic/PH indicator,widely used in buffers
  11. B7290 Calcium chloride dihydrate transformation of E.Coli and transfection of eukaryotic cells

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