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Neuronal Metabolism

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  2. B7209 B2 Promotes inclusion formation in cellular models of Huntington's disease and Parkinson's disease
  3. B5530 C3bot (154-182) transferase-deficient neurotrophic fragment of clostridial C3 protein
  4. A8306 MOG (35-55) Minor component of CNS myelin
  5. B5247 Nogo-66 (1-40) competitive antagonist at the Nogo-66 receptor (NgR)
  6. B7676 ONO 2506 exhibits neuroprotective effects
  7. B5315 PLP (139-151) Synthetic myelin proteolipid protein (PLP) fragment
  8. B5433 Prion Protein 106-126 (human) Prion peptide fragment that exhibits neurotoxicity
  9. B5402 TCS PrP Inhibitor 13 Antiprion agent,inhibits protease-resistant prion protein (PrP-res) accumulation

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