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Dopamine Receptor

Dopamine receptors (DR) are members of G protein-coupled receptors superfamily. There are 5 subtypes (D1, D2, D3, D4, D5) of DR which mediate the functions of dopamine in central nervous system for control of locomotion, cognition, and emotion etc.

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  2. B6403 (+)-AJ 76 hydrochloride Dopamine receptor antagonist
  3. B6446 (+)-UH 232 maleate D2 antagonist
  4. B6576 (-)-Quinpirole hydrochloride dopamine D2 receptor agonist
  5. B6936 (R)-(-)-Apomorphine hydrochloride Prototypical dopamine agonist
  6. B6492 (RS)-(±)-Sulpiride D2-like dopamine receptor antagonist
  7. C4364 (±)-Salsolinol (hydrochloride) depolarize dopamineric neurons
  8. B5016 2-CMDO Dopamine D2-like receptor antagonist
  9. B6408 3'-Fluorobenzylspiperone maleate ligand for the D2 receptor
  10. B6502 3-CPMT dopamine uptake inhibitor
  11. B7099 6-Hydroxydopamine hydrobromide neurotoxin that destroys dopaminergic and noradrenergic (catecholaminergic) neurons

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