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AMPK (5'AMP-activated protein kinase) acts as a metabolic master switch regulating several intracellular systems including the cellular uptake of glucose, the β-oxidation of fatty acids and the biogenesis of GLUT4 (glucose transporter 4) and mitochondria.

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  2. C5645 3-Guanidinopropionic Acid AMPK stimulator
  3. A8184 AICAR AMPK activator
  4. B1211 AICAR phosphate AMPK activator
  5. C4617 AMPK activator AMPK activator
  6. C4358 Ampkinone AMPK activator
  7. B3252 Dorsomorphin (Compound C) AMPK inhibitor
  8. B1372 Dorsomorphin 2HCl AMPK inhibitor
  9. B6020 GSK621 AMPK agonist
  10. A8890 HTH-01-015 NUAK1 inhibitor,highly specific and selective
  11. B1212 Imeglimin Antidiabetic agent

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