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EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) is the cell-surface receptor of its specific ligands, including epidermal growth factor and TGFα (transforming growth factor α) and is a receptor tyrosine kinase.

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  2. A2822 AC480 (BMS-599626) HER1/2 inhibitor,selective and efficacious
  3. A5455 AEE788 (NVP-AEE788) EGFR/HER-2/VEGFR inhibitor
  4. A8247 Afatinib (BIBW2992) Irreversible EGFR/HER2 inhibitor
  5. A8357 AG-1478 EGFR inhibitor,potent and selective
  6. A1173 AG-18 EGFR/PDGFR inhibitor
  7. A4139 AG-490 JAK2/EGFR inhibitor
  8. B1493 AG-490 (Tyrphostin B42) EGFR/JAK2/JAK3 inhibitor
  9. A1367 AP26113 Anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) inhibitor
  10. A8366 ARRY-380 Tyrosine kinase HER2 and p95-HER2 inhibitor
  11. A8367 AST-1306 EGFR/HER2 inhibitor

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