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The murine double minute 2 (MDM2) is a protein encoded by the mdm2 gene that functions as an E3 ubiquitin ligase to ubiquitinate the p53 tumor suppressor and promotes the proteasomal degradation of p53. Human MDM2 protein is a phosphoprotein of 491 amino acids that inherits the E3 ubiquitin ligase activity from its evolutionarily conserved COOH terminal of RING finger domain (Zinc-binding), a common motif in E3 ligases. Human MDM2 protein mediates monomeric ubiquitination on multiple lysine residues mainly in the COOH terminus of p53 and directly inhibits the transcriptional activity of p53 through binding to the NH2 terminal transactivation domain of p53.

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  2. B6058 (±)-Nutlin-3 MDM2 antagonist, potent and selective
  3. A4204 JNJ-26854165 (Serdemetan) P53 activator, blocking Mdm2-p53 interaction
  4. B4984 MI-77301 (SAR405838) orally available MDM2 antagonist
  5. A4209 NSC 207895 (XI-006) MDMX inhibitor,anti-cancer agent
  6. A4230 NSC 66811 MDM2 inhibitor
  7. A2005 Nutlin-3b MDM2/p53 inhibitor
  8. A9903 p53/MDM2 Set I For inhibiting MDM2-p53 interaction
  9. B4813 Pifithrin-β potent p53 inhibitor
  10. A3762 RG7112 MDM2 inhibitor, first clinical
  11. A3763 RG7388 MDM2 antagonist, oral, selective

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