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Calcium Channel

Calcium channel is an ion channel that selectively permeable to calcium ions. It serves vital functions in cellular signal transduction.

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  2. B6668 (-)-Xestospongin C IP3-dependent Ca2+ release inhibitor
  3. B6782 (R)-(+)-Bay K 8644 L-type Ca2+-channel blocker
  4. B6783 (S)-(-)-Bay K 8644 L-type Ca2+-channel activator
  5. B6643 2-APB antagonist of Ins(1,4,5) P3-induced Ca2+ release
  6. B6281 A-7 hydrochloride calmodulin antagonist
  7. B6646 A23187, free acid Ca2+ ionophore
  8. B1410 Amlodipine Calcium channel blocker
  9. B1411 Amlodipine Besylate Block of L-type calcium channel
  10. B6831 Autocamtide-2-related inhibitory peptide inhibitor of calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaM-kinase II, CaMKII)
  11. B1414 Azelnidipine L-type calcium channel blocker;antihypertensive

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