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HBV (hepatitis B virus) is a double-strand DNA virus that belongs to the hepadaviridase famlity. It cause transient and acute liver infections which lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. It is propagated through blood, sex and mother-fetus transmission.

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. B2222 Adefovir Dipivoxil Reverse transcriptase inhibitor
  3. A3444 GS-9620 TLR-7 agonist
  4. A1140 HBcAg [Hepatitis B virus] (18-27) Indicator of active viral replication
  5. B4699 Helioxanthin novel inhibitor of HBV, HCV and HSV-1 virus
  6. B4701 Helioxanthin 8-1 inhibitor of HBV and HIV virus
  7. B4700 Helioxanthin derivative 5-4-2 HBV/HSV-1/HSV-2 virus inhibitor
  8. B1112 Merimepodib Novel noncompetitive inhibitor of IMPDH(Inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase).
  9. A1091 surface antigen (208-215) [Hepatitis B Virus] Surface antigen used for signs of infection
  10. A8530 Telbivudine Reverse Transcriptase inhibitor

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