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Ubiquitination/ Proteasome

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. B2151 STF-62247 Autophagy inducer in renal cell
  3. B6032 CB-5083 p97 inhibitor
  4. A4083 Rocilinostat (ACY-1215) Top Seller Selective HDAC6 inhibitor
  5. B1391 Divalproex Sodium Epilepsy/migraines/bipolar disorder medicine
  6. B1395 Sulfacetamide Sodium Sulfonamide antibiotic
  7. B1397 Trifluoperazine 2HCl Dopamine D2 receptor inhibitor
  8. A8633 Concanamycin A V-type (vacuolar) H+-ATPase inhibitor
  9. A8632 (±)-Bay K 8644 L-type Ca2+-channel activator
  10. A8631 FK 866 hydrochloride NMPRTase inhibitor
  11. A8630 Xanthohumol VCP inhibitor
  12. A2845 Omeprazole H+,K+-ATPase inhibitor
  13. A2324 Dexamethasone (DHAP) Glucocorticoidan;anti-inflammatory
  14. A8484 Nimodipine Calcium Channel inhibitor & Autophagy activator
  15. A8627 Bafilomycin A1 V-ATPase inhibitor,selective and reversible
  16. A8628 Chloroquine diphosphate Antimalarial drug
  17. A8629 DBeQ P97 ATPase inhibitor
  18. A8695 KC02 Structural analog and inactive form of KC01
  19. A8716 LY3009120 pan-RAF and RAF dimer inhibitor
  20. A8715 SBI-0206965 ULK1 inhibitor
  21. B5873 Spautin-1 Novel autophagy inhibitor
  22. B6160 PIK-III VPS34 inhibitor and inhibits autophagy
  23. B6174 MRT68921 dual autophagy kinase ULK1/2 inhibitor
  24. B6179 VPS34-IN1 Vps34 inhibitor
  25. A8883 SAR405 Selective ATP-competitive inhibitor of Vps34
  26. A8884 KC01 A selective inhibitor of ABHD16A
  27. B7637 SMER 28 Positive regulator of autophagy
  28. A2571 Pepstatin A Aspartic proteinases inhibitor
  29. A1903 E 64d Top Seller Cysteine protease inhibitor
  30. A4393 Paclitaxel (Taxol) Top Seller Antineoplastic agent
  31. A3920 Vinblastine sulfate Anti-mitotic agent
  32. A3966 Doxorubicin Top Seller Topo II inhibitor,immunosuppresive antineoplastic antibiotic
  33. A8250 LY 294002 Top Seller Potent PI3K inhibitor
  34. A8353 3-Methyladenine Class III PI3K inhibitor
  35. A8487 Nocodazole Tubulin production inhibitor,anti-neoplastic agent
  36. A8544 Wortmannin PI3K inhibitor,selective and irreversible
  37. B3514 DUBs-IN-1 potent deubiquitinase enzyme inhibitor
  38. B3515 DUBs-IN-2 deubiquitinase enzyme inhibitor
  39. B3516 DUBs-IN-3 potent deubiquitinase enzyme inhibitor
  40. B5550 HBX 41108 ubiquitin-specific protease (USP) 7 inhibitor
  41. B4841 USP7-IN-1 New Product, Cas No.:1381291-36-6, Please Inquiry
  42. B4861 TZ9 inhibitor of Rad6 ubiquitin conjugating enzyme(E2 enzyme)
  43. A8693 C527 Inhibitor of USP1/USF1 complex
  44. B1307 SJB3-019A Usp1 inhibitor
  45. B1317 ML-323 USP1-UAF1 inhibitor
  46. B1096 USP7-USP47 inhibitor USP7/USP47 inhibitor
  47. A8198 P 22077 USP7/(DUB)USP47 inhibitor
  48. A3023 P005091 Top Seller Ubiquitin-specific protease 7 (USP7) inhibitor
  49. A4002 IU1 Usp14 inhibitor
  50. A4003 LDN 57444 UCH-L1 inhibitor,reversible competitve
  51. A4004 NSC 632839 hydrochloride Isopeptidases inhibitor
  52. A3823 SJB2-043 USP1 inhibitor
  53. A4429 Vialinin A USP/isopeptidase T (IsoT)/UCH-L1 DUB inhibitor
  54. A8212 PR-619 Top Seller Deubiquitylating enzymes (DBUs) inhibitor
  55. A8323 WP1130 Top Seller Deubiquitinase (DUB) inhibitor, Cell permeable
  56. C3250 Ubiquitin Isopeptidase Inhibitor I ubiquitin isopeptidase inhibitor
  57. B1492 PYR-41 inhibitor of Ubiquitin-Activating Enzyme (E1)
  58. A8813 NSC697923 Inhibitor of E2 complex Ubc13-Uev1A,cell permeable and selective
  59. B1190 CC0651 E2 enzyme inhibitor
  60. B5797 PRT 4165 Bmi1/Ring1A-mediated ubiquitination inhibitor
  61. B5567 SMER 3 yeast SCF family E3 ubiquitin ligase (SCFMet30) inhibitor
  62. B7745 SZL P1-41 Skp2 inhibitor
  63. B7727 NSC 624206 Ubiquitin-activating enzyme (E1) inhibitor
  64. A2604 Celastrol Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive agent
  65. A2578 Clasto-Lactacystin β-lactone Proteasome inhibitor
  66. A2585 MG-132 Top Seller Proteasome inhibitor, Cell permeable, reversible
  67. B3598 Cysteine Protease inhibitor inhibitor of cysteine protease
  68. B4755 PI-1840 Chymotrypsin-like (CT-L) inhibitor
  69. B6026 VR23 proteasome inhibitor
  70. C4090 HMB-Val-Ser-Leu-VE inhibitor of the trypsin-like activity of the 20S proteasome
  71. A2606 Epoxomicin Top Seller Proteasome inhibitor
  72. A2612 MG-115 Top Seller Potent reversible proteasome inhibitor
  73. A2614 Bortezomib (PS-341) Top Seller Proteasome Inhibitor
  74. A8163 AM 114 Top Seller 20S proteasome inhibitor
  75. A1933 Carfilzomib (PR-171) Top Seller Proteasome inhibitor,epoxomicin analog
  76. A1934 Oprozomib (ONX-0912) Proteasome inhibitor
  77. A1900 PSI Top Seller Proteasome inhibitor
  78. A8172 Dihydroeponemycin Top Seller Proteasome inhibitor,antitumor reagent,eponemycin ddrivative
  79. A4011 ONX-0914 (PR-957) Top Seller Immunoproteasome inhibitor,potent and selective
  80. A8179 MG-262 Top Seller Proteasome inhibitor
  81. A4014 Artemether (SM-224) Semi-synthetic derivative of artemisinin
  82. A4007 MLN9708 Top Seller Proteasome inhibitor
  83. A4008 MLN2238 β5 site of the 20S proteasome inhibitor
  84. A4009 CEP-18770 Proteasome inhibitor
  85. A4443 Gliotoxin 20S proteasome inhibitor
  86. A4010 Salinosporamide A (NPI-0052, Marizomib) 20S proteasome inhibitor
  87. A2601 Aclacinomycin A Topoisomerase I and II inhibitor
  88. A2583 Lactacystin (Synthetic) Proteasome inhibitor
  89. B2168 NMS-873 VCP/p97 inhibitor,selective and allosteric
  90. A8661 MNS Inhibitor of Src/Syk tyrosine kinases
  91. B6107 ML241 p97 ATPase inhibitor
  92. B6122 ML241 hydrochloride p97 ATPase inhibitor

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