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Potassium Channel

Potassium channels are voltage-gated ion channels that selectively permeate potassium ion through the excitable membrane. It regulates the release of neurotransmitters, insulin secretion, smooth muscle contraction and heart rate etc.

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  2. B6753 (-)-[3R,4S]-Chromanol 293B inhibitor of the slow component of delayed rectifier K+ current (IKs)
  3. B6563 1-EBIO Activator of epithelial KCa channels
  4. B3530 4-Aminopyridine potassium channel-blocking agent
  5. B5722 ADWX 1 Kv1.3 channel blocker,potent and selective
  6. B7770 Agitoxin 2 Shaker K+ channel blocker, potent
  7. B6482 AM 92016 hydrochloride Potassium channel blocker
  8. B1389 Amiodarone HCl Anti-arrhythmic drug
  9. B6817 Apamin small-conductance Ca2+-activated K+-channel (KCa2, SK) inhibitor
  10. B4849 Azimilide class III anti-arrhythmic drug
  11. B7769 BDS I Kv3.4 potassium channel blocker, potent and reversible

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