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Chloride Channels

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  2. B6525 9-AC Cl- transport inhibitor
  3. B5747 CaCCinh-A01 calcium-activated chloride channel (CaCC) inhibitor
  4. B6733 DCEBIO Stimulates Cl- secretion
  5. B6780 DCPIB volume-sensitive anion channel (VSAC) and and ICl,swell blocker
  6. B5746 Eact TMEM16A (ANO1) calcium-activated chloride channel (CaCC) activator
  7. B5761 GaTx2 ClC-2 blocker
  8. C5010 IAA-94 indanyloxyacetic acid (IAA) inhibitor
  9. C3905 Ivermectin B1a main component of the anthelmintic, ivermectin;glutamate-gated chloride channels opener
  10. B7286 KM 11060 Corrects F508del-CFTR trafficking
  11. B6367 NPPB inhibitor of chloride channel

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