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Endocrinology and Hormones

Endocrinology and Hormones

The endocrine system is an information signaling system that coordinates most bodily functions. It senses environmental changes and secretes corresponding hormones to coordinate metabolism, maintain homeostasis, and regulate growth and development.read more

Products for  Endocrinology and Hormones

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. A1372 AZD3514 Androgen receptor downregulator
  3. B7821 AZD9496 estrogen receptor inhibitor, orally active
  4. B5155 BAM 22P Potent endogenous agonist peptide for the newly identified sensory neuron specific receptor (SNSR);
  5. C4895 Bavachin estrogen receptors ERα and ERβ activator
  6. A3232 Bazedoxifene Estrogen receptor modulator
  7. A3233 Bazedoxifene acetate Estrogen receptor modulator
  8. B1519 Bazedoxifene HCl Novel, non-steroidal, indole-based estrogen receptor modulator (SERM)
  9. A1014 Beta-Lipotropin (1-10), porcine Morphine-like substance
  10. A5065 Bicalutamide Androgen receptor antagonist
  11. B6495 BNTX maleate δ1 opioid receptor antagonist

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