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DNA Damage/DNA Repair

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  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. A8705 SCR7 DNA ligase IV inhibitor
  3. A8802 (S)-Crizotinib Potent MTH1 inhibitor
  4. B4935 SCH 51344 MTH1 inhibitor
  5. B5845 TH588 MTH1 inhibitor
  6. B5849 TH287 MTH1 inhibitor
  7. A4529 JW 55 Top Seller PARP domain inhibitor
  8. A4528 EB 47 Potent PARP-1 inhibitor
  9. A4527 DR 2313 PARP inhibitor
  10. A4526 BYK 49187 Potent PARP-1/PARP-2 inhibitor
  11. A4530 NU 1025 PARP inhibitor,potent and novel
  12. A4531 WIKI4 Inhibitor of Wnt/ß-Catenin signaling and tankyrase
  13. A8600 Tankyrase Inhibitors (TNKS) 22 Tankyrase inhibitor
  14. A8601 Tankyrase Inhibitors (TNKS) 49 Tankyrase inhibitor
  15. A8808 ME0328 PARP inhibitor,potent and selective
  16. B1163 MK-4827 hydrochloride PARP1/PARP2 inhibitor
  17. B1164 MK-4827 tosylate PARP1/PARP2 inhibitor
  18. A4525 BYK 204165 PARP-1 inhibitor,potent and selective
  19. A4524 4-HQN PARP inhibitor
  20. A3002 ABT-888 (Veliparib) Top Seller Potent PARP inhibitor
  21. A4154 Olaparib (AZD2281, Ku-0059436) Top Seller Potent PARP1/PARP2 inhibitor
  22. A4157 Iniparib (BSI-201) PARP1 inhibitor,intravenously adminsitered
  23. A4159 PJ34 hydrochloride Top Seller PARP inhibitor,potent and cell-permeable
  24. A4160 A-966492 PARP-1/-2 inhibitor, highly potent
  25. A4161 INO-1001 Potent PARP inhibitor
  26. A4163 UPF 1069 Selective PARP2 inhibitor
  27. A4164 AZD2461 Novel PARP inhibitor
  28. A3246 BMN-673 8R,9S PARP inhibitor
  29. A3617 MK-4827 PARP-1/-2 inhibitor,potent and selective
  30. A3729 PJ34 PARP-l inhibitor
  31. A3958 Veliparib dihydrochloride PARP-1/PARP-2 inhibitor
  32. B6152 Benzamide poly (ADP-ribose) synthetase inhibitor
  33. B6150 Picolinamide poly (ADP-ribose) synthetase inhibitor
  34. B6086 BGP-15 PARP inhibitor
  35. A1877 XAV-939 Top Seller Tankyrase 1/2 inhibitor
  36. A4158 AG-14361 Potent PARP1 inhibitor
  37. A4156 Rucaparib (AG-014699,PF-01367338) Top Seller Potent PARP inhibitor
  38. A4153 BMN 673 Top Seller Potent PARP inhibitor
  39. B1383 VE-822 ATR inhibitor
  40. A8626 ETP-46464 ATR inhibitor,potent and selective
  41. A8625 CP-466722 ATM inhibitor,potent and reversible
  42. A8624 CGK733 ATM/ATR inhibitor,potent and selective
  43. A2521 VE-821 Top Seller ATR kinase inhibitor
  44. A3210 AZ20 ATR inhibitor,potent and selective
  45. A8336 KU-60019 Top Seller ATM kinase inhibitor,potent and selective
  46. B6007 AZD6738 ATR inhibitor
  47. B7822 AZD0156 ATM kinase inhibitor
  48. A4605 KU 55933 Top Seller ATM inhibitor,potent and selective
  49. B3742 Thio-TEPA alkylating agent used to treat cancer
  50. B1098 Altretamine hydrochloride DNA alkylator/crosslinker
  51. B1963 Lomustine Antineoplastic drug
  52. A8386 Busulfan DNA alkylating agent
  53. A2559 Altretamine Antineoplastic agent
  54. B1399 Temozolomide DNA methylating, chemotherapeutic agent
  55. A3696 Palifosfamide Active metabolite of ifosfamide (IFOS)
  56. B3489 Carmustine cell-cycle phase nonspecific alkylating antineoplastic agent
  57. B3927 Satraplatin platinum-based antineoplastic agent
  58. B7426 L189 inhibitor of human DNA ligases I, III and IV
  59. A4176 Thioguanine Purine antimetabolite
  60. A1912 Lomeguatrib Top Seller MGMT inhibitor
  61. A1769 KU-0060648 Dual DNA-PK/PI3-K inhibitor, ATP-competitive
  62. A8649 NU 7026 DNPK inhibitor,ATP-competitive and potent
  63. B6114 CC-115 mTOR/DNA-PK inhibitor
  64. B7337 Compound 401 DNA-PK and mTOR inhibitor
  65. B6945 DMNB DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK) inhibitor
  66. A8315 NU7441 (KU-57788) Top Seller DNA-PK inhibitor
  67. A3352 Daun02 Cell viability inhibitor,DNA synthisis inhibitor
  68. A8646 Trovafloxacin mesylate Fluoroquinolone antibiotic
  69. A8648 Oxaliplatin Antitumor agent
  70. B3061 CRT0044876 APE1 inhibitor, potent and selective
  71. B1099 Daunorubicin DNA topoisomerase II inhibitor
  72. B1100 Cytarabine hydrochloride DNA synthsis inhibitor
  73. B1241 Marbofloxacin hydrochloride Inhibitor of DNA-gyrase
  74. B1101 Mycophenolate mofetil hydrochloride Immunosuppresant drug
  75. A8647 Capecitabine DNA, RNA and protein synthesis inhibitor
  76. B1892 Azathioprine purine synthesis and GTP-binding protein Rac1 activation inhibitor
  77. A8645 Viomycin Antibiotic of tuberactinomycin family
  78. A8644 Acyclovir Antiviral agent
  79. A8512 Rifaximin (Xifaxan) RNA synthesis inhibitor, PXR activator
  80. A3738 PSI-7977 Antiviral agents for chronic HCV infection
  81. A1412 Clofarabine Antimetabolite,inhibit DNA polymerase and ribonucleotide reductase
  82. A2343 Cyclophosphamide Nitrogen mustard alkylating agent and prodrug.
  83. A2548 Carmofur Cytostatic derivative of fluorouracilm,antineoplatic agent
  84. A2187 Cladribine Apoptosis inducer in CLL cells
  85. A2197 Dacarbazine Antineoplastic( malignant melanoma and sarcomas)
  86. A2097 Ifosfamide Cytostatic agent
  87. A1379 Nelarabine Prodrug of ara-G for T-LBL/T-ALL
  88. A8331 Bleomycin Sulfate Top Seller Chemotherapy agent, induces DNA strand break
  89. A8437 Gemcitabine inhibitor of DNA synthesis
  90. A8337 CX-5461 Top Seller Pol I-mediated rRNA synthesis inhibitor
  91. B7336 Thiostrepton Antibiotic that inhibits bacterial protein synthesis
  92. B7587 Puromycin dihydrochloride analog of aminoacyl-tRNA
  93. B7667 8-Chloroadenosine Nucleoside analog, inhibits RNA synthesis
  94. B4872 Mupirocin isoleucyl t-RNA synthetase inhibitor
  95. B4879 Blasticidin S HCl antibiotic, inhibits protein synthesis
  96. B4896 BMH-21 RNA polymerase I Inhibitior
  97. B5875 E3330 Ape-1/Ref-1 inhibitor
  98. A8317 Fludarabine Phosphate (Fludara) Top Seller Inhibits STAT1 activation and DNA synthesis
  99. A5424 Fludarabine DNA synthsis inhibitor
  100. A2451 Epirubicin HCl Antibiotic antitumor agent
  101. A4071 Fluorouracil (Adrucil) Antitumor agent;inhibitor of thymidylate synthase
  102. A3700 Paradol Active flavor constituent of the seeds of Guinea pepper
  103. A4546 Mithramycin A Anticancer antibiotic
  104. A4452 Mitomycin C Inhibits DNA synthesis,antibiotic and antitumor agent
  105. A2402 Floxuridine Antineoplastic antimetabolite
  106. A2171 Carboplatin Antitumor agent that forms platinum-DNA adducts.
  107. A8405 Cytarabine cytotoxic agent, blocks DNA synthesis
  108. A1206 Daptomycin Calcium-dependent antibiotic
  109. A2355 Mercaptopurine (6-MP) Purine synthesis inhibitor
  110. A1402 Gemcitabine HCl Top Seller Inhibits DNA synthesis,deoxycytidine analog
  111. B3209 Triapine Ribonucleotide reductase inhibitor
  112. B1476 Raltitrexed Thymidylate synthase inhibitor
  113. B1471 Adenine HCl Adenine receptor agonist
  114. B1473 Uridine DNA/RNA synthesis chemical
  115. B1469 Adenine sulfate Sulfate salt form of adenine
  116. B1470 Procarbazine HCl Antineoplastic chemotherapy drug
  117. A3902 VAL-083 Bi-functional alkylating agent
  118. A9906 HDAC Set I For inhibiting HDAC
  119. A4495 NCH 51 Histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor
  120. A4493 KD 5170 HDAC inhibitor
  121. A3860 Tasquinimod Antiangiogenic and antineoplastic agent
  122. A3761 RG2833 Brain-penetrant HDAC inhibitor
  123. A3755 Resminostat hydrochloride HDAC inhibitor
  124. A3348 Daminozide KDM2A inhibitor
  125. A3305 CHAPS Zwitterionic detergent for membrane proteins,nondenaturing
  126. A4105 M344 Top Seller HDAC inhibitor,potent and cell-permeable
  127. A4104 AR-42 (OSU-HDAC42) Top Seller HDAC inhibitor,novel and potent
  128. A4496 NSC 3852 HDAC inhibitor
  129. A4497 Pyroxamide HDAC1 inhibitor
  130. A4499 TC-H 106 HDAC inhibitor
  131. B1251 Valproic acid HDAC1 inhibitor
  132. B1141 Varenicline Hydrochloride α4β2 nicotinic receptor agonist
  133. A8806 TMP269 HDAC 4/5/7/9 inhibitor
  134. A8803 RGFP966 Specific HDAC3 inhibitor
  135. A8547 Tubastatin A HCl Top Seller HDAC6 inhibitor,potent and selective
  136. A4500 TCS HDAC6 20b Selective HDAC6 inhibitor
  137. A4498 SBHA HDAC1/HDAC3 inhibitor,cell-permeable
  138. A4494 LMK 235 HDAC4/HDAC5 inhibitor
  139. A4501 Tubacin HDAC6 inhibitor,potent,selective,reversible,cell-permeable
  140. A4103 LAQ824 (NVP-LAQ824,Dacinostat) HDAC inhibitor,potent and novel
  141. A4102 CI994 (Tacedinaline) Top Seller HDAC inhibitor
  142. A8171 Entinostat (MS-275,SNDX-275) Top Seller HDAC1 and HDAC3 inhibitor
  143. A4091 PCI-34051 HDAC8 inhibitor,potent and selective
  144. A4090 JNJ-26481585 Top Seller Potent HDAC inhibitor
  145. A4089 Mocetinostat (MGCD0103, MG0103) Top Seller HDAC inhibitor,isotype-selective and potent
  146. A4084 Vorinostat (SAHA, MK0683) Top Seller HDAC inhibitor
  147. A4083 Rocilinostat (ACY-1215) Top Seller Selective HDAC6 inhibitor
  148. N1315 Parthenolide Parthenolide is a sesquiterpene lactone and active principle of feverfew (Chrysanthemum parthenium)
  149. A8176 Apicidin Potent HDAC inhibitor
  150. A8173 Romidepsin (FK228, depsipeptide) Top Seller HDAC1/HDAC2 inhibitor,potent and selective
  151. A8183 Trichostatin A (TSA) Top Seller HDAC inhibitor
  152. A8178 Panobinostat (LBH589) Top Seller HDAC inhibitor
  153. A4092 CUDC-101 Multitargeted HDAC inhibitor
  154. A4093 ITF2357 (Givinostat) Top Seller HDAC inhibitor
  155. A4101 Tubastatin A HDAC6 inhibitor,potent and selective
  156. A4100 Droxinostat Selective HDAC inhibitor
  157. A4099 Valproic acid sodium salt (Sodium valproate) HDAC inhibitor
  158. A4098 PCI-24781 (CRA-024781) Pan-HDAC inhibitor
  159. A4097 CUDC-907 Potent PI3K/HDAC inhibitor
  160. A4096 Belinostat (PXD101) Hydroxamate-type HDAC inhibitor
  161. A4095 Pracinostat (SB939) Top Seller Pan-HDAC inhibitor
  162. A4094 MC1568 Top Seller Class II HDAC inhibitor,potent and
  163. A4108 Resminostat (RAS2410) Potent HDAC inhibitor
  164. A4107 Sodium Phenylbutyrate Histone deacetylase inhibitor
  165. A4106 Scriptaid Top Seller HDAC inhibitor,novel and cell-permeable
  166. C4305 HNHA HDAC inhibitor
  167. C3606 Nullscript negative control of scriptaid, HDAC inhibitor
  168. B5882 ORY-1001 Selective inhibitor of KDM1A.
  169. B4988 BRD73954 potent and selective HDAC inhibitor
  170. B4856 CAY10603 potent and selective inhibitor of HDAC6
  171. B4794 Santacruzamate A (CAY10683) HDAC inhibitor, potent and selective
  172. B1147 Orotic acid Pyrimidinecarboxylic acid
  173. B1877 Adenosine nucleoside
  174. B1923 Cytidine pyrimidine nucleoside
  175. B1468 Adenine High affinity adenine receptor agonist
  176. B1809 Penciclovir HSV-1 DNA synthesis inhibitor
  177. B2221 Zidovudine Reverse transcriptase inhibitor
  178. B1039 LY2334737 Anticancer agent
  179. A2852 Leflunomide AHR agonist,immunosuppressive agent
  180. A3139 Abacavir Inhibitor of HIV reverse transcriptase
  181. B1474 FT-207 (NSC 148958) DNA/RNA synthesis inhibitor
  182. B4960 Penciclovir Sodium antiviral drug
  183. B5828 RX-3117 a cytidine analog and a substrate for uridine-cytidine-kinase
  184. B6080 Methylthioadenosine sulfur-containing nucleoside
  185. B3589 5-BrdU Synthetic thymidine analog
  186. A1945 BIBR 1532 Telomerase inhibitor,novel and selective
  187. A3327 Costunolide Apoptosis inducer
  188. B7627 TMPyP4 tosylate human telomerase inhibitor
  189. B6186 RHPS4 Telomerase inhibitor
  190. B6009 6-Thio-dG telomere disrupting compound
  191. A1313 Gatifloxacin Fluoroquinolone antibiotic,inhibits bacterial TOPO II
  192. A2198 Genistein AR agonist
  193. A2306 Ellagic acid Casein kinase 2 (CK2) inhibitor
  194. A1971 Etoposide Topo II inhibitor
  195. A2476 Idarubicin HCl Anthracycline and daunorubicin analog,topoisomerase inhibitor
  196. A2782 Amonafide DNA intercalator,Topo II inhibitor
  197. A5133 Irinotecan Topoisomerase I inhibitor
  198. A5323 Moxifloxacin HCl Fluoroquinolone antibiotic
  199. A5511 Ofloxacin Fluoroquinolones,antibiotics
  200. A8532 Teniposide Topoisomerase inhibitor
  201. A1602 Dexrazoxane HCl (ICRF-187, ADR-529) Topoisomerase II inhibitor,intracellular ion chelator,cardioprotective agent

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