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Annexin V-Cy3 Apoptosis Kit Plus

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Detects Apoptotic, Necrotic & Healthy cells within 10 min
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Soon after the apoptosis is activated, most cell types transfer the membrane phospholipid phosphatidylserine (PS) from the plasma membrane inner face to the cell surface. Detection of the cell-surface PS can be easily done by staining with a fluorescent conjugate of protein Annexin V which has a robust natural affinity for PS. The one-step staining process needs just 10 minute. This assay can be directly carried out on live cells without fixation. 

The Annexin V-Cy3 Apoptosis Detection Kit Plus includes annexin V-Cy3, SYTOX green dye, and binding buffer. The SYTOX green dye is impermeant to live cells and apoptotic cells, but stains necrotic cells with intense green fluorescence by binding to cellular nucleic acids. Following the staining the cell population with annexin V-Cy3 and SYROX Green dye in the given binding buffer, apoptotic cells exhibit green fluorescence, dead cells exhibits a higher level of green florescence and lives cells exhibits little or no fluorescence. 

Those cell populations can be differentiated with microscopy using FITC and rhodamine filters or by flow cytometry using the FL1 channel (Ex. 488 nm/Em. 530 nm) for SYTOX Green dye and FL2 channel for Annexin V-Cy3 (Ex. 543 nm/Em. 570 nm).

Features & Properties

FeaturesSimple one-step procedure; Takes only 10 minutes; Fast and convenient; Apoptotic cells show red fluorescence, dead cells show green fluorescence and live cells show little or no fluorescence.
ShippingGel pack.
Storage ConditionsStore at +4°C.

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Annexin V-Cy3 Apoptosis Kit Plus

Related Biological Data

Annexin V-Cy3 Apoptosis Kit Plus


Store at +4°C.


Kit componentsAnnexin V-Cy3, SYTOX Green Dye, Binding Buffer