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Raf is a family of three serine/threonine-specific protein kinases that are related to retroviral oncogenes.

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  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. A3004 Vemurafenib (PLX4032, RG7204) Top Seller BRAF kinase inhibitor
  3. B4762 HG6-64-1 B-Raf and mutant B-Raf inhibitor
  4. B1161 SB 242235 MAPK inhibitor
  5. B1174 LGX818 RAF inhibitor,potent and selective
  6. B1407 Dabrafenib (GSK2118436) Inhibitor of BRAF(V600) mutants
  7. B1173 B-Raf inhibitor 1 dihydrochloride B-Raf inhibitor,potent and selective
  8. B1172 B-Raf inhibitor 1 Potent and selective B-Raf inhibitor
  9. B1406 SB590885 Potent B-Raf inhibitor
  10. B1405 GW5074 C-Raf inhibitor,potent and selective
  11. B2227 BI-D1870 P90 RSK inhibitor,ATP-competitive and cell-permeable
  12. A3263 BRAF inhibitor Potent B-raf inhibitor
  13. A3264 B-Raf inhibitor A B-Raf inhibitor
  14. A3627 MLN 2480 Pan-Raf kinase inhibitor,investigational
  15. A8226 TAK-632 Top Seller Pan-RAF inhibitor,potent and selective
  16. A8371 AZ 628 Raf kinases,potent and ATP-competitive
  17. A8545 ZM336372 C-Raf inhibitor, potent and selective
  18. A8811 PF-04880594 RAF inhibitor
  19. B6177 PLX7904 paradox-breaker RAF inhibitor, potent and selective
  20. A8716 LY3009120 pan-RAF and RAF dimer inhibitor
  21. B7307 L-779,450 Raf kinase inhibitor
  22. B7736 ML 786 dihydrochloride Raf kinase inhibitor
  23. A8313 RAF265 Top Seller Multiple intracellular kinases inhibitor
  24. A1413 CEP-32496 BRAF(V600E)inhibitor,highly potent
  25. A5071 GDC-0879 B-Raf inhibitor,potent and selective
  26. A8245 Sorafenib Tosylate Top Seller Raf kinases and tyrosine kinases inhibitor
  27. A3347 Dabrafenib Mesylate (GSK-2118436) Top Seller Inhibitor of BRAF(V600) mutants
  28. A3297 CEP-32496 hydrochloride B-Raf/C-Raf inhibitor,highly potent
  29. A3016 PLX-4720 Top Seller BRAF kinase inhibitor
  30. A3009 Sorafenib Top Seller Raf kinases and tyrosine kinases inhibitor
  31. B4727 B-Raf IN 1 B-Raf inhibitor