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EZLink Sulfo-NHS-SS-Biotin Kit

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Amine-reactive biotinyltation kit, water-soluble
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10 reactions
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The EZLink Sulfo-NHS-SS-Biotin Kit contains reagents sufficient for 10 biotin labeling reactions. It is a water-soluble biotin reagent for labeling protein, antibody or other molecules with amidogen (NH2-). The biotin in the kit is sufficient and has been activated for direct use. The whole procedure is simple and quick.

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Components and Storage

Sufficient For: 10 labeling reactions, each with 1 to 10 mg of antibody
Streptavidin10 mgEZ-Link Sulfo-NHS-SS-Biotin25 mg
HABA Solution1 mLPBS Pack (makes 500 mL)1 pack
Sephadex G-25 in PD-10 Desalting Columns8.3 mL, 10 columns
Store biotin and streptavidin reagents at -20°C. Store remaining kit components at 4°C.


Label or Dye:BiotinProduct Size:10 reactions
Labeling Scale:1-10 mgLabeling Target:Proteins (General), Antibodies (General)


• Amine-reaction—Reacting with primary amines (-NH2), such as lysine side-chains, or the amino-termini of polypeptides.
• Labeling antibody—This kit can label antibodies to facilitate immobilization, purification or detection.
• Labeling protein—This kit can label proteins to facilitate immobilization, purification or detection.
• Labeling Cell surface molecule—This kit can label the cell surface proteins because the negatively charged reagent does not permeate cell membranes.
• Reversible-Disulfide bond in spacer arm allows the biotin label to be removed using reducing agents such as DTT; only a small sulfhydryl group remains attached to the molecule.
• Medium length—Spacer arm (total length added to target) is 24.3 angstroms; it consists of the native biotin valeric acid group extended by a 7-atom chain
• Solubility increased—Sulfo-NHS group increases reagent water solubility compared to ordinary NHS-ester compounds.

Sulfo-NHS-SS-biotin (sulfosuccinimidyl-20(biotinamido)ethyl-1,3-dithiopropionate) is a long-chain cleavable amine-reactive biotinylation reagent. The presence of the negatively charged sulfonate group in the chemical structure of sulfo-NHS-SS-biotin makes it a water-soluble biotinylation reagent that can be directly added to aqueous reactions without prior dissolution of organic solvents. Although no prior dissolution is required, an aqueous stock solution of sulfo-NHS-SS-biotin must be prepared rapidly and used immediately in case of the occurrence of hydrolysis of the active ester. Sulfo-NHS-SS-biotin has been used to react with amine-containing proteins and other molecules forming a complex which further interacts with avidin or streptavidin probes and to purify targeted molecules using affinity chromatography on a column of immobilized avidin or streptavidin.