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Vitamin D Related

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. B4667 Impurity C of Alfacalcidol non-selective VDR activator medication
  3. A3848 Tacalcitol Promotes normal bone development by regulating calcium
  4. A3849 Tacalcitol monohydrate Promotes normal bone development by regulating calcium
  5. A3912 VD2-D3 A deuterated form of vitamin D
  6. A3922 Vitamin D4 Active analogue of Vitamin D
  7. B2153 Alfacalcidol Bone resorption inhibitor
  8. B1056 Calcifediol-D6 Deuterated form of Calcifediol
  9. B1312 Doxercalciferol-D3 Vitamin D receptor activator (VDRA)
  10. B1313 Maxacalcitol-D6 VDR ligand of VDR-like receptors
  11. B1057 VD3-D6 Deuterated form of Vitamin D3
  12. B1314 Alfacalcidol-D6 VDR activator, novel and non-selective
  13. B2065 Vitamin D3 Fat-soluble secosteroids
  14. B1191 25,26-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 Metabolite of vitamin D3 with intestinal calcium transport activity.
  15. B2091 Doxercalciferol Vitamin D receptor activator
  16. B2140 Calcifediol Major circulating form of vitamin D3
  17. B1315 Paricalcitol-D6 Analog of VD2 active form
  18. B1316 Calcitriol Derivatives Vitamin D receptor activator
  19. A3554 Lexacalcitol Vitamin D analog
  20. A3488 Impurity B of Calcitriol Hormonally active form of vitamin D
  21. A1099 vitamin D binding protein precursor (353-363) [Homo sapiens] Highly polymorphic serum glycoprotein
  22. A3101 (24R)-MC 976 Vitamin D3 derivative
  23. A3103 (24S)-MC 976 Vitamin D3 derivative
  24. A3110 1alpha, 24, 25-Trihydroxy VD2 Vitamin D analog
  25. A3111 1alpha, 25-Dihydroxy VD2-D6 Deuterated form of vitamin D
  26. A3112 1alpha-Hydroxy VD4 Lalpha(OH)D derivative
  27. A3114 24, 25-Dihydroxy VD2 Synthetic analog of Vitamin D
  28. A3115 24, 25-Dihydroxy VD3 Vitamin D analogue
  29. A3116 24R-Calcipotriol Impurity of Calcipotriol
  30. A3117 25-Hydroxy VD2-D6 Labelled metabolite of Vitamin D2
  31. A3386 Eldecalcitol Analog of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3
  32. A3274 Calcitriol D6 Biologically active form of vitamin D3
  33. A3273 Calcitetrol Hormonally active form of vitamin D
  34. A3272 Calcipotriol monohydrate Vitamin D3 analog,hydrate form,regulates cell differentiation and proliferation
  35. A3271 Calcipotriol Vitamin D3 analog,regulates cell differentiation and proliferation
  36. A3270 Calcifediol monohydrate Prehormone;vitamin D3 metabolite
  37. A3121 3-O-(2-Aminoethyl)-25-hydroxyvitamin D3 25-hydroxyvitamin D3-lα-hydroxylase inhibitor
  38. A3814 Seocalcitol Vitamin D receptor agonist
  39. A3812 Secalciferol Vitamin D metabolite
  40. A3702 Paricalcitol Analog of VD2 active form
  41. A3589 MC 976 Vitamin D3 derivative
  42. A3588 MC 1046 Vitamin D3 analog
  43. A3584 Maxacalcitol Non-calcemic vitamin D3 analog and VDR ligand.
  44. A3410 Falecalcitriol Calcitriol analog
  45. A3396 Ercalcitriol Active metabolite of vitamin D2
  46. A3395 Ercalcidiol Vitamin D2 metabolite,ligand of VDR-like receptors
  47. B2141 Calcitriol Active metabolite of vitamin D3
  48. B4666 Impurity C of Calcitriol VDR activator
  49. B4670 Impurity of Calcipotriol ligand of VDR-like receptors

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