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GlyT1 (glycine transporter, SLC6A9) is a member of Na+ and Cl(-)- dependent neurotransmitter transporter proteins. It regulates the glycine concentration in NMDA receptor-mediate neurotransmission.

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  2. B5713 Org 25543 hydrochloride New Product
  3. B7570 Org 24598 lithium salt New Product
  4. B7394 LY 2365109 hydrochloride New Product
  5. B7188 NFPS New Product
  6. B7239 Sarcosine New Product
  7. B6846 ALX 5407 hydrochloride Selective non-transportable GlyT1 inhibitor
  8. A3243 Bitopertin (R enantiomer) RG1678 (Bitopertin) is a potent and noncompetitive glycine reuptake inhibitor (GlyT1).
  9. A3242 Bitopertin Bitopertin, also known as RG1678, is a potent and selective inhibitor of GlyT1 with an EC50 of 30nM.

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