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GlyT1 (glycine transporter, SLC6A9) is a member of Na+ and Cl(-)- dependent neurotransmitter transporter proteins. It regulates the glycine concentration in NMDA receptor-mediate neurotransmission.

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  2. B6846 ALX 5407 hydrochloride GlyT1 inhibitor,selective non-transportable
  3. A3242 Bitopertin Glycine reuptake inhibitor(GlyT1)
  4. B7394 LY 2365109 hydrochloride glycine transporter 1 (GlyT1) inhibitor
  5. B7188 NFPS non-transportable GlyT1 inhibitor
  6. B7570 Org 24598 lithium salt glial glycine transporter (GlyT1) inhibitor
  7. B5713 Org 25543 hydrochloride GlyT2 inhibitor
  8. B7239 Sarcosine Endogenous inhibitor of GlyT1

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