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PLK (Polo-like kinase 1) is a serine/threonine-protein that are implicated in cell cycle, mitosis, cytokinesis and DNA damage etc.

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  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. A3456 GW843682X PLK1/PLK3 inhibitor,potent and selective
  3. B7279 Cyclapolin 9 PLK1 inhibitor
  4. A8681 Ro3280 PLK1 inhibitor,potent and highly selective
  5. A8680 MLN0905 Potent PLK1 inhibitor
  6. A8558 BI6727 (Volasertib) Plk inhibitor,highly potent
  7. A8441 GSK461364 Plk1 inhibitor
  8. A3732 Poloxin PLK1 inhibitor
  9. B5604 TC-S 7005 polo-like kinase 2 (PLK2) inhibitor
  10. B5857 SBE 13 HCl Inactive Plk1 inhibitor
  11. B5860 TAK960 Oral and selective PLK1 inhibitor
  12. C3340 3MB-PP1 polo-like kinase 1 (Plk1) allele inhibitor,ATP-competitive
  13. C5813 CFI-400945 orally available, selective inhibitor of polo-like kinase 4 (PLK4)
  14. A5413 HMN-214 Plk inhibitor,broad-spectrum anti-tumor agent
  15. A1404 Rigosertib (ON-01910,Estybon) Plk1 inhibitor
  16. A3965 BI 2536 Top Seller Plk1 inhibitor,potent and ATP-competitive
  17. B1288 Rigosertib PI3K/PLK1 inhibitor
  18. B1048 Rigosertib sodium Non-ATP-competitive inhibitor of PLK1
  19. B3609 Poloxime polo-like kinase 1 (PLK) analogue
  20. B4094 NMS-1286937 PLK1 inhibitor, orally bioavailable