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Kinesin is a protein belonging to a class of motor proteins found in eukaryotic cells.

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. B6039 ARQ 621 Eg5 inhibitor
  3. C5188 Eg5-I potent inhibitor of Eg5
  4. A3450 GSK-923295 CENP-E inhibitor,small-molecule
  5. B3280 Kif15-IN-1 potent Kif15 kinesin inhibitor
  6. B3281 Kif15-IN-2 potent Kif15 kinesin inhibitor
  7. B6075 Monastrol Eg5 inhibitor
  8. B3706 MPI-0479605 Mps1 inhibitor,selective and ATP competitive

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