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Free Fatty Acid Quantification Colorimetric/Fluorometric Kit

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Detects free fatty acid, sensitive.
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Fatty Acid plays an important role in metabolism and many disease developments and is usually derived from phospholipid or triglyceride. Fatty Acids are precursors to many bioactive compounds such as leucotrienes and prostaglandins. Fatty Acids are involved in autism, inflammation response and immune system.

 The Free Fatty Acid Quantification Colorimetric/Fluorometric Kit provides a sensitive, fast and convenient way for detection of long-chain free fatty acids in various biological samples such as plasma, serum, other body fluids, growth media and food based on colorimetric and fluorometric method. In the assay, free fatty acids are converted to their CoA derivatives, which are then oxidized with the production of fluorescence (Ex/Em = 535/587 nm) and color (λmax = 570 nm). C-8 (octanoate) and longer fatty acids can be easily detected with detection limit 2 µM in variety samples.

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FeaturesFast and convenient Simple procedure; takes ~40 minutes. Kit contains all necessary reagents for rapid, sensitive and accurate measurement of adipolysis in cell culture samples.
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Storage ConditionsStore at -20℃.

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Kit componentsFatty Acid Assay Buffer Fatty Acid Probe in DMSO ACS Reagent Enzyme Mix Enhancer Palmitic Acid Standard (1 nmol/µl)