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Proteases, also known as peptidases or proteolytic enzymes, consists of a large number of enzymes catalyzing the hydrolysis of peptide bonds and subsequently resulting in the degradation of protein substrates into amino acids. Proteases are involved in a wide range of human diseases, including cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Thus numerous proteases inhibitors (small molecules and proteins) have been identified to block activity of proteases. Proteases inhibitors can be classified into different types based on the class of proteases they inhibit through two general mechanisms, irreversible “trapping” reactions and reversible tight-binding reactions. Proteases inhibitors have been used as diagnostic or therapeutic agents for the treatment of proteases-related diseases.

Products for  Proteases

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. B4950 Darunavir Ethanolate nonpeptidic HIV protease inhibitor
  3. B2084 Cathepsin Inhibitor 1 Cathepsin inhibitor
  4. A1901 Q-VD-OPh hydrate Top Seller Cell-permeable, irreversible pan-caspase inhibitor
  5. A1902 Z-VAD-FMK Cell-permeable, irreversible pan-caspase inhibitor
  6. A1925 Caspase-3/7 Inhibitor I Top Seller Caspase-3/7 inhibitor
  7. A1920 Z-DEVD-FMK Top Seller Caspase-3 inhibitor
  8. A9901 Caspase Inhibitor Set I Caspase Inhibitors
  9. A1923 Z-VEID-FMK Top Seller Caspase-6 inhibitor
  10. A8238 VX-765 Caspase-1 inhibitor,potent and selective
  11. A1922 Z-VDVAD-FMK Top Seller Caspase-2 inhibitor
  12. A1921 Z-DQMD-FMK Top Seller Caspase-3 inhibitor,cell-permeable
  13. B3232 Z-IETD-FMK Caspase-8 inhibitor
  14. B3233 Z-LEHD-FMK Irreversible Caspase-9 inhibitor.
  15. A8165 Q-VD(OMe)-OPh Top Seller Pan-caspase inhibitor
  16. A8177 PAC-1 Top Seller Procaspase-3 activator
  17. A8321 Cisplatin Top Seller Inhibits DNA synthesis,chemotherapy drug
  18. A4420 PETCM Caspase-3 activator
  19. A4016 Apoptosis Activator 2 Indoledione caspase activator, cell-permeable
  20. A8170 Z-FA-FMK Top Seller Cysteine proteases inhibitor
  21. A1930 Apoptosis Inhibitor Top Seller Associate with caspase-3 inhibition
  22. A4417 Ivachtin Caspase-3 inhibitor
  23. A4416 AZ 10417808 Caspase-3 inhibitor,selective non-peptide
  24. A1904 Boc-D-FMK Pan-caspase inhibitor
  25. A4419 Ac-LEHD-AFC Fluorogenic caspase substrate
  26. A1924 Z-WEHD-FMK Caspase 5 inhibitor,potent,cell-permeable and irreversible
  27. A3424 Gambogic Acid Caspase activator and apoptosis inducer
  28. A4418 Ac-IEPD-AFC Recognition motif for serine protease granzyme B
  29. A8622 Bestatin trifluoroacetate Aminopeptidase / CD13 inhibitor
  30. A8621 Bestatin hydrochloride Inhibitor of aminopeptidase N (APN)/CD13 and aminopeptidase B.
  31. A2575 Bestatin Top Seller Aminopeptidase inhibitor
  32. A4408 SC 57461A LTA4 hydrolase inhibitor,potent and selective
  33. A4407 Fumagillin Antibiotic and antiangiogenic agent
  34. A4355 Tosedostat (CHR2797) Aminopeptidase inhibitor
  35. B2208 Ramipril angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor
  36. B2204 Enalaprilat Dihydrate angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor
  37. A4079 Fosinopril sodium ACE inhibitor
  38. A4082 Olmesartan medoxomil AT1 receptor antagonist
  39. A4409 Spinorphin P2X3 receptors against
  40. B3468 Zofenopril calcium angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor
  41. B3540 Trandolapril angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor
  42. A2585 MG-132 Top Seller Proteasome inhibitor, Cell permeable, reversible
  43. A2576 E-64 Top Seller Cysteine protease inhibitor,irriversible
  44. A2602 Calpain Inhibitor I, ALLN Calpain I/II/ B/L inhibitor
  45. A2603 Calpain Inhibitor II, ALLM Calpain inhibitor
  46. A4410 Acetyl-Calpastatin (184-210) (human) Calpain I/II inhibitor
  47. A4411 Calpeptin Ca2+-dependent protease,calpain inhibitor
  48. A4412 MDL 28170 Calpain and cathepsin B inhibitor, selective
  49. A4413 PD 150606 Non-peptide calpain inhibitor
  50. A4414 PMPA (NAALADase inhibitor) Glutamate carboxypeptidase 2 inhibitor
  51. A4415 ZJ 43 GCP II and III/NAAG peptidase/NAALADase inhibitor
  52. B7734 2-MPPA glutamate carboxypeptidase II (GCP II) inhibitor
  53. C3265 2-Guanidinoethylmercaptosuccinic Acid carboxypeptidase E inhibitor
  54. A8162 E-64-c Inhibitor of cysteine proteinases
  55. A1903 E 64d Top Seller Cysteine protease inhibitor
  56. A1926 CA 074 Top Seller Cathepsin B inhibitor
  57. A8239 CA-074 Me Cathepsin B inhibitor
  58. A3284 Cathepsin S inhibitor Blocks MHCII antigen presentation
  59. A8174 Cathepsin G Inhibitor I Top Seller Cathepsin G inhibitor
  60. A2487 Odanacatib (MK-0822) Cathepsin K,potent and selective
  61. A4422 L 006235 Cathepsin K inhibitor
  62. A4424 SID 26681509 Human cathepsin L inhibitor,potent and reversible
  63. A4033 Glimepiride Sulfonylurea compound
  64. A8650 Saxagliptin Selective DPP4 inhibitor
  65. B5868 MK3102 Novel long-acting DPP-4 inhibitor
  66. C3136 P32/98 (hemifumarate) competitive transition-state substrate analog inhibitor of DPP IV
  67. A4036 Sitagliptin phosphate monohydrate Top Seller Potent DPP-4 inhibitor
  68. A3156 Alogliptin Benzoate DPP-4 inhibitor,selective and potent,antidiabetic drug
  69. A3889 Trelagliptin succinate DPP-4 inhibitor
  70. A4038 Alogliptin (SYR-322) Top Seller DPP-4 inhibitor,potent and highly selective
  71. A3888 Trelagliptin DPP-4 inhibitor,long-acting and selective
  72. A3865 Teneligliptin hydrobromide Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor
  73. A4427 NVP DPP 728 dihydrochloride DPP-IV inhibitor
  74. A4425 DPPI 1c hydrochloride DPP-IV Inhibitor
  75. A4426 K 579 Dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitor
  76. A4428 PK 44 phosphate DPP-IV inhibitor
  77. A4037 Vildagliptin (LAF-237) DPP-4 inhibitor
  78. A4034 Linagliptin (BI-1356) DDP-4 inhibitor,highly potent and competitive
  79. B3941 Talabostat mesylate orally active, specific inhibitor of DPP4
  80. A4432 ARP 100 Selective MMP-2 inhibitor
  81. B1037 Alvelestat NE inhibitor
  82. A4431 SSR 69071 HLE inhibitor
  83. B6189 Sivelestat (ONO-5046) neutrophil elastase inhibitor
  84. C3252 Neutrophil Elastase Inhibitor neutrophil elastase inhibitor
  85. A4430 Sivelestat sodium salt Leukocyte elastase inhibitor
  86. B4675 GW311616 inhibitor of human neutrophil elastase(HNE)
  87. B4676 GW311616 hydrochloride HNE inhibitor
  88. A4022 BMS-708163 (Avagacestat) γ-secretase inhibitor
  89. A8200 DAPT (GSI-IX) Top Seller γ-secretase inhibitor,potent and specific
  90. A4005 RO4929097 Top Seller γ secretase inhibitor
  91. A3427 gamma-secretase modulator 3 Modulator of gamma-secretase
  92. A3426 gamma-secretase modulator 2 Attenuate Aβ production in Alzheimer's Disease
  93. A3425 gamma-secretase modulator 1 Useful for Alzheimer's disease.
  94. A8190 Semagacestat (LY450139) Top Seller γ-secretase inhibitor
  95. A4006 MK-0752 Top Seller γ-secretase inhibitor
  96. A4018 YO-01027 (Dibenzazepine, DBZ) Top Seller γ-secretase inhibitor
  97. A4019 LY-411575 Gamma secretase inhibitor
  98. A4020 LY2811376 Non-peptidic BACE1 inhibitor
  99. A4402 Flurizan NSAID,inhibits γ-secretase activity
  100. A4405 MRK 560 γ-secretase inhibitor
  101. A4404 L-685,458 γ-secretase inhibitor
  102. A4406 Begacestat γ-secretase inhibitor
  103. B7719 TC-E 5006 γ-secretase modulator
  104. A4021 LY-900009 Potent Notch inhibitor
  105. A4403 JLK 6 γ-secretase inhibitor
  106. A4023 LY3039478 Notch inhibitor, novel and potent
  107. A3711 PF-03084014 γ-secretase inhibitor
  108. A4401 Compound W γ-secretase inhibitor
  109. A3377 E 2012 γ--Secretase modulator
  110. A4400 BMS 299897 γ--secretase inhibitor, potent and orally active
  111. B4733 LY-411575 isomer 3 potent γ-secretase inhibitor
  112. B4732 LY-411575 isomer 2 potent γ-secretase inhibitor
  113. B4731 LY-411575 isomer 1 potent γ-secretase inhibitor
  114. A8189 PSI-6206 Top Seller Inhibitor of HCV RNA polymerase,potent and selective
  115. A5618 Daclatasvir (BMS-790052) HCV NS5A inhibitor
  116. A3737 PSI-6130 Inhibitor of HCV nucleoside polymerase,selective and effective
  117. A3261 Boceprevir HCV protease inhibitor,potent and selective
  118. A4024 Danoprevir (RG7227) HCV NS3/4A protease inhibitor
  119. A4031 Telaprevir (VX-950) HCV NS3-4A protease inhibitor
  120. A4032 VX-222 (VCH-222, Lomibuvir) NNI of HCV RNA polymerase
  121. A3217 Balapiravir Polymerase inhibitor,anti-HCV
  122. A3643 Narlaprevir HCV NS3 protease inhibitor
  123. A3820 Simeprevir Inhibitor of HCV NS3/4A protease
  124. A3864 Tegobuvir HCV RNA replication inhibitor
  125. A3257 BMS-790052 dihydrochloride HCV NS5A inhibitor
  126. A3182 Anguizole Inhibitor of HCV replication
  127. A3908 Vaniprevir Hepatitis C virus NS3/4a protease inhibitor
  128. A3772 RO-9187 HCV virus replication inhibitor
  129. A3195 Asunaprevir (BMS-650032) NS3 protease inhibitor
  130. A3312 Ciluprevir (BILN-2061) Inhibitor of HCV NS3 protease
  131. A3655 Nesbuvir NS5B polymerase inhibitor
  132. A4056 AT13387 Hsp90 inhibitor
  133. A2213 17-DMAG (Alvespimycin) HCl Hsp90 inhibitor
  134. A4388 XL-888 Hsp90 inhibitor
  135. A4387 VER 155008 HSP 70 inhibitor,adenosine-derived
  136. A4067 Radicicol ATPase/kinase inhibitor
  137. A4065 PF-04929113 (SNX-5422) Hsp90 inhibitor,potent and selective
  138. A4064 NVP-BEP800 Oral Hsp90β inhibitor, novel, fully synthetic
  139. A4063 MPC-3100 Hsp90 inhibitor
  140. A4061 IPI-504 (Retaspimycin hydrochloride) Hsp90 inhibitor,novel, potent,selective
  141. A4058 BIIB021 Hsp90 inhibitor,selective and competitive
  142. B5848 KNK437 stress-induced HSP synthesis inhibitor
  143. B4920 EC 144 High affinity, potent and selective Hsp90 inhibitor
  144. B4797 HSP990 (NVP-HSP990) Hsp90 inhibitor, potent and selective
  145. B7393 Gedunin naturally occurring Hsp90 inhibitor
  146. B5657 MKT 077 mortalin-2 (mot-2) inhibitor
  147. B7703 TRC 051384 HSP70 inducer
  148. B7259 Macbecin I Hsp90 inhibitor
  149. A3109 17-AAG Hydrochloride Hsp90 inhibitor,geldanamycin analogue
  150. A4054 17-AAG (KOS953) Top Seller Hsp90 inhibitor
  151. A4057 AUY922 (NVP-AUY922) Top Seller Potent Hsp90 inhibitor
  152. A4060 Geldanamycin Hsp90 inhibitor,potent and specific
  153. A4062 KW-2478 Potent Hsp90 inhibitor, novel, non-ansamycin,
  154. A4385 Ganetespib (STA-9090) Top Seller Hsp90 inhibitor,non-geldanamycin
  155. A4386 Elesclomol (STA-4783) Oxidative stress/apoptosis inducer,potent and novel
  156. A3161 Alvespimycin Hsp90 inhibitor,potent and selective
  157. A3739 PU-H71 Hsp90 inhibitor,potent and selective
  158. A3756 Retaspimycin HSP90 inhibitor,antiproliferative and antineoplastic
  159. A4068 SNX-2112 Hsp90 inhibitor,ATP-competitve,potent and selective
  160. A4072 MK-2048 Integrase inhibitor for HIV-1,second generation
  161. A4069 BMS-707035 HIV-I integrase inhibitor,potent and specific
  162. B5856 GSK1349572 sodiuM salt Next-generation HIV integrase (IN) inhibitor
  163. B4851 (±)-BI-D integrase inhibitor
  164. B4845 BI 224436 novel HIV-1 non-catalytic-site integrase inhibitor
  165. A4070 Elvitegravir (GS-9137) HIV-1 integrase inhibitor,potent
  166. A8566 GSK744 (S/GSK1265744) HIV integrase inhibitor, oral active and long-acting
  167. A4071 Fluorouracil (Adrucil) Antitumor agent;inhibitor of thymidylate synthase
  168. A4073 Raltegravir (MK-0518) HIV-1 integrase inhibitor
  169. A4074 S/GSK1349572 HIV integrase inhibitor, novel and potent
  170. A3461 HIV-1 integrase inhibitor Uesful for anti-HIV
  171. B1122 Nelfinavir HIV-1 protease inhibitor
  172. A3653 Nelfinavir Mesylate HIV protease inhibitor,antiretroviral drug for HIV treatment
  173. A8204 Lopinavir Top Seller HIV protease inhibitor,highly potent
  174. A8205 Atazanavir Top Seller HIV protease inhibitor,highly potent
  175. A4040 Atazanavir sulfate (BMS-232632-05) Protease inhibitor
  176. A8203 Ritonavir Top Seller HIV protease inhibitor
  177. A8206 Darunavir Top Seller HIV-1 protease inhibitor
  178. A8201 Amprenavir (agenerase) Top Seller HIV-1 protease inhibitor
  179. A3253 BMS-626529 HIV-1 attachment inhibitor
  180. A3421 Fosamprenavir Calcium Salt Prodrug of antiretroviral protease inhibitor amprenavir
  181. A3462 HIV-1 integrase inhibitor 2 HIV-1 integrase inhibitor
  182. A3790 Saquinavir HIV Protease Inhibitor
  183. A3791 Saquinavir mesylate HIV Protease Inhibitor
  184. A3876 Tipranavir HIV protease inhibitor
  185. A8420 Doxycycline HCl Tetracycline antibiotic;MMP inhibitor;cell selection reagent
  186. A3334 CTS-1027 MMPs inhibitor
  187. A4050 GM 6001 Broad spectrum MMP inhibitor
  188. A2577 Batimastat (BB-94) Top Seller MMP inhibitor
  189. B5981 DC_AC50 Selective Atox1 and CCS inhibitor
  190. B4686 TAPI-1 TACE/ADAM17 inhibitor
  191. C3232 NNGH cell-permeable, broad-spectrum inhibitor of MMPs
  192. A4051 NSC 405020 MT1-MMP inhibitor
  193. A1038 Amyloid β-Peptide (10-20) (human) Initiates neurodegeneration in Alzheimer disease
  194. A4436 GI 254023X Selective inhibitor of ADAM10 metalloprotease
  195. A4440 UK 356618 MMP-3 inhibitor,potent and selective
  196. A4433 ARP 101 MMP inhibitor,potent and selective
  197. A4049 Marimastat MMPs inhibitor,board spectrum
  198. A4434 CL 82198 hydrochloride Selective MMP-13 inhibitor
  199. A4435 CP 471474 Broad spectrum MMP inhibitor
  200. A4437 ONO 4817 MMP inhibitor
  201. A4438 PD 166793 MMP inhibitor

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