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ATPase is a class of enzymes that catalyze the decomposition of ATP into ADP and a free phosphate ion, including some co-transporters and pumps.

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  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. A3626 ML-7 hydrochloride Myosin light chain kinase inhibitor
  3. A3113 20-HETE Vasoconstrictor in renal and cerebral vasculature
  4. B6675 Ochratoxin A New Product
  5. B6920 Paxilline New Product
  6. B7153 POM 1 New Product
  7. B7684 Digoxin New Product
  8. B7705 Lithium carbonate New Product
  9. B5460 Enterostatin New Product
  10. B6647 Cyclopiazonic acid New Product
  11. B6832 SCH 28080 New Product
  12. B7112 PSB 069 New Product
  13. B7113 PSB 06126 New Product
  14. B7480 K 858 New Product
  15. B7713 Paprotrain New Product
  16. B4884 RBC8 Ral GTPase inhibitor
  17. B4926 ML 240
  18. B6670 ARL 67156 trisodium salt ecto-ATPase inhibitor
  19. B6648 BHQ inhibitor of endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase
  20. A3507 Istaroxime Na+/K+ ATPase inhibitor
  21. A3508 Istaroxime hydrochloride Inhibitor of Na+/K+ ATPase
  22. A3968 PF-03716556 Acid pump antagonist,potent and selective
  23. A5588 Oligomycin A Mitochondrial ATP synthase Inhibitor
  24. A1605 Dynasore Dynamin and GTPase inhibitor
  25. A2308 TAK-438 Blocker of potassium-competitive acid
  26. A8349 Omecamtiv mecarbil Top Seller Cardiac myosin activator
  27. A8524 Sodium Orthovanadate PTP inhibitor
  28. B6614 Thapsigargin New Product
  29. B3041 BTB06584 F1F0 ATP synthases
  30. B1384 Ciclopirox ethanolamine iron chelator, broad-spectrum antifungal agent
  31. B1385 Golgicide A GBF1 inhibitor, potent, reversible and highly specific
  32. B1387 (-)-Blebbistatin Non muscle myosin II ATPase inhibitor
  33. B1400 Brefeldin A ATPase inhibitor