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RT SuperMix for qPCR (with gDNA wiper)

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High efficiency reverse transcription reaction premixed solution for two-step RT-qPCR method
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RT SuperMix for qPCR (with gDNA wiper) is the premixed solution for reverse transcription reaction, based on Reverse Transcriptase (Cat. No. K1071). Reverse Transcriptase is a new enzyme obtained through genetic engineering based on M-MLV (RNase H-) Reverse Transcriptase. In comparison, Reverse Transcriptase reduces RNase H activity and increases thermal stability. Reverse Transcriptase can withstand higher reaction temperatures and is suitable for reverse transcription of RNA templates with complex secondary structures.

RT SuperMix for qPCR (with gDNA wiper) is suitable for two-step qRT-PCR detection ,5×SuperMix contains all the components required for reverse transcription, and the reaction can be carried out quickly by only adding template RNA and RNase Free ddH2O.

The kit is very suitable for the reverse transcription reaction of the low concentration RNA template. 5×SuperMix will not freeze at -20°C, easy to use. The 4× gDNA wiper included in the product quickly and thoroughly removes potential genomic interference from the system before reversing transcription. This product is specially optimized for qPCR. The proportionally optimized Oligo (dt)23vn primer mix/random primers enables cDNA synthesis to start from various regions of the RNA transcript with the same reverse transcription efficiency, maximizing the authenticity and repeatability of the qPCR results. Reverse transcription products are suitable for qPCR by SYBR Green and probe methods. The corresponding reagents can be selected for high performance gene expression analysis according to the experimental purpose.

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Components and Storage

Components 50 rxns (20 μL reaction) 100 rxns (20 μL reaction)
RNase Free ddH2O 1 mL 1 mL x 2
4X gDNA wiper mix 200 μL 400 μL
5X RT SuperMix 200 μL 400 μL
5X No RT control Mix 20 μL 40 μL

Store the components at -20°C.


5X RT SuperMix contains all the ingredients required for reverse transcription and is easy to operate;

The optimized ratio of Oligo (dT)23VN primers to random primers can ensure the authenticity and repeatability of qPCR results to the greatest extent;

Efficient Reverse Transcriptase for RNA templates containing secondary structures;

Detects template starting amounts as low as 1 pg;

Oligo (dT)23VN primers have stronger template anchoring ability and higher reverse transcription efficiency than Oligo (dT)18.


Store at -20°C