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  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. B3664 Cinchonidine alkaloid
  3. B3402 Miglustat hydrochloride inhibitor of glucosylceramide synthase
  4. B3401 Amifampridine drug for the treatment of rare muscle diseases
  5. B3399 Tirapazamine Anticancer drug
  6. B3398 Tirasemtiv Fast-skeletal-troponin activator
  7. B3385 TPT-260 Dihydrochloride Thiophene thiourea derivative
  8. B3384 TPT-260 thiophene thiourea derivative
  9. B1765 Gadodiamide Gadolinium-based MRI contrast agent
  10. B1950 Hydrochlorothiazide diuretic drug of the thiazide class
  11. B2055 Torsemide pyridine-sulfonyl urea type loop diuretic
  12. B2076 (6-)ε-​Aminocaproic acid antifibrinolytic agent
  13. B2056 Trichlormethiazide thiazide diuretic
  14. B3403 Miglustat inhibitor of glucosylceramide synthase
  15. B3404 Methylcobalamin a form of vitamin B12
  16. B3405 Travoprost drug for the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension
  17. B3663 Azomycin antimicrobial antibiotic
  18. B3662 Artesunate derivative of the natural product artemisinin
  19. B3661 (+)-Usniacin Naturally occurring dibenzofuran derivative
  20. B3436 Ouabain Octahydrate selective Na+/K+-ATPase inhibitor
  21. B3435 Procaine Sodium channel inhibitor
  22. B3428 Ibandronic acid highly potent nitrogen-containing bisphosphonate
  23. B3426 VGX-1027 Immunomodulator
  24. B3421 Vigabatrin Hydrochloride GABA transaminase inhibitor
  25. B3419 R-(-)-Deprenyl hydrochloride selective inhibitor of monoamine oxidase B (MAO-B)
  26. B3411 Latanoprost FP prostaglandin receptor agonist
  27. B3407 Dexrazoxane cardioprotective agent
  28. B2004 Phenylbutazone non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent
  29. B2148 Prednisone Glucocorticoid receptor agonist
  30. B1043 (R)-(-)-Ibuprofen Inhibitor of Cox-1 and Cox-2
  31. B1275 L-Thyroxine sodium salt pentahydrate Thyroid hormone
  32. B2107 L-Thyroxine Iodine containing hormone
  33. B1160 Meclofenoxate hydrochloride Drug for senile dementia and AD treatment
  34. B1159 (R)-Oxiracetam The (R)-enantiomer of the nootropic drug oxiracetam
  35. B1158 Coluracetam Nootropic agent of the racetam family
  36. B1157 sn-Glycero-3-phosphocholine Nootropic phospholipid
  37. B1156 Sunifiram Agonist of AMPA receptors
  38. B1155 Adrafinil Wakefulness-promoting agent;modafinil analog
  39. B1154 Oxonic acid potassium salt Uricase inhibitor
  40. B1970 Metformin HCl Anti-diabetic drug
  41. B1276 Acarbose sulfate Inhibitor of alpha glucosidase
  42. B1277 Adapalene sodium salt Retinoic acid receptor agonist
  43. B1278 Benazepril ACE inhibitor
  44. B1975 Metolazone thiazide-like diuretic
  45. B1949 Guanidine HCl Protein denaturant
  46. B1886 Antipyrine analgesic and antipyretic agent
  47. B2064 Vitamin C water soluble vitamin
  48. B1858 Tranexamic Acid competitive inhibitor of plasminogen activation
  49. B1826 Risedronate Farnesyl diphosphate (FPP) synthase inhibitor
  50. B1987 Nicotinic Acid water-soluble vitamin belonging to the vitamin B family
  51. B1280 Prilocaine hydrochloride Local anesthetic of the amino amide type
  52. B2119 Prilocaine local anesthetic of the amino amide type
  53. B1279 Dorzolamide Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor
  54. B2216 Benazepril HCl angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor
  55. B1042 Adrenosterone Steroid hormone
  56. B4758 BAPTA-AM calcium chelator, selective and membrane permeable
  57. B4723 Oxytocin mammalian neurohypophysial hormone
  58. B4722 2'-Deoxycytidine hydrochloride 2'-Deoxycytidine hydrochloride
  59. B4721 2'-Deoxyguanosine 2'-Deoxyguanosine
  60. B4715 BAMB-4 Inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate-3-kinase A (ITPKA) inhibitor
  61. B4714 ISO-1 inhibitor of MIF d-dopachrome tautomerase activity
  62. B4707 α-Tocopherol phosphate natural form of vitamin E
  63. B4697 7-Epi-docetaxel Docetaxel Impurity C
  64. B4696 7-Epi-10-oxo-docetaxel Docetaxel Impurity D
  65. B4695 10-Oxo Docetaxel novel taxoid with anti-tumor properties
  66. B4689 HLM006474 E2F inhibitor
  67. B4681 Antitumor Compound 1 antitumor agent
  68. B4730 5S rRNA modificator rRNA modification agent
  69. B4737 Oxybenzone sunscreen agent
  70. B4738 Aurothioglucose active-site inhibitor of TrxR1
  71. B4753 FPH2 (BRD-9424) inducer of proliferation of primary human hepatocytes
  72. B4751 L-Mimosine iron chelator and prolyl 4-hydroxylase inhibitor
  73. B3570 CGP 57380 MNK1 inhibitor, specific and selective
  74. B4750 (-)-p-Bromotetramisole Oxalate ALP inhibitor, potent and non-specific
  75. B4748 Oxiracetam cyclic derivative of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)
  76. B6001 4-Methylumbelliferone (4-MU) hyaluronic acid (HA) synthesis inhibitor
  77. B5736 Carbetocin oxytocin receptor agonist
  78. B5725 Skp2 Inhibitor C1 inhibitor of Skp2-mediated p27 degradation
  79. B5652 LDN-27219 Transglutaminase 2 (TG2) inhibitor
  80. B5477 ITX3 inhibitor of TrioN RhoGEF activity
  81. B5449 INH1 Hec1/Nek2 inhibitor, potent
  82. B4668 Afobazole anxiolytic drug
  83. B4663 XEN445 Endothelial lipase(EL) inhibitor
  84. B3678 Guanosine Hydrate purine nucleoside
  85. B3677 Inosine endogenous purine nucleoside
  86. B3675 Apocynin selective NADPH-oxidase inhibitor
  87. B3674 Hypoxanthine naturally occurring purine derivative
  88. B3673 Ipriflavone (Osteofix) bone resorption inhibitor
  89. B3671 Hematoxylin Dye used to stain cell nuclei
  90. B3670 Tetrahydropapaverine HCl Hydroxylase inhibitor
  91. B3669 Sapogenins Glycosides mixture of triterpene and steroid saponins
  92. B3668 Sodium Monensin naturally polyether ionophore antibiotic
  93. B3667 Indole-3-carbinol anticarcinogenic drug
  94. B3666 Gynostemma Extract saponins extract
  95. B3679 Vanillin flavorant
  96. B3681 Cyromazine insecticide, acaricide
  97. B3691 (Z)-Pugnac Inhibitor of O-GlcNAcase and β-hexosaminidase
  98. B4659 TH-237A novel neuroprotective agent
  99. B4656 Neuropathiazol Selective inducer of neuronal differentiatio
  100. B3736 Porfimer Sodium photosensitizer
  101. B3716 Chlorambucil nitrogen mustard alkylating agent
  102. B3702 MSDC-0160 mTOT-modulating insulin sensitizer
  103. B3701 FPH1 (BRD-6125) Hepatocyte functional proliferation enhancer
  104. B3700 FH1(BRD-K4477) Enhance cultured hepatocyte function
  105. B3697 4E1RCat Dual inhibitor of eIF4E:eIF4G and eIF4E:4E-BP1 interaction
  106. B3696 4EGI-1 Competitive eIF4E/eIF4G interaction inhibitor
  107. B3695 (Arg)9 peptide cell-permeable peptide used for drug delivery
  108. B3692 GlcNAcstatin Selective O-GlcNAcase inhibitor
  109. B3665 Grape Seed Extract industrial derivatives from whole grape seeds
  110. B2118 Pramiracetam nootropic drug
  111. A8483 Nifenazone Analgesic
  112. A8431 Famprofazone Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent
  113. A8427 Ethambutol HCl Antitubercular agent
  114. A8359 Alendronate sodium Osteoclast-mediated bone resorption inhibitor
  115. A8355 Acetarsone An organoarsenic compound
  116. A8327 Verteporfin Top Seller Photosensitizer used in photodynamic therapy
  117. A5938 Cyclosporine Immunosuppressant drug
  118. A5293 Risedronate Sodium FPP synthase inhibitor
  119. A5770 Sulfasalazine NF-κB activation inhibitor
  120. A1652 Dimesna Uroprotective agent
  121. A1736 PA-824 Anti-tuberculosis drug
  122. A2456 Pamidronate Disodium Bisphosphonate antiresorptive agent & bone resorption inhibitor
  123. A8442 Guaifensin Expectorant agent
  124. A8443 Guanethidine Sulfate Antihypertensive compound
  125. A8459 Laquinimod (ABR-215062) Immunomodulator,orally-available,quinolinone-based and broad spectrum
  126. A8482 Nicotine Difartrate Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) agonist
  127. A8478 Monobenzone Skin depigmenting agent
  128. A8475 Mitotane (Lsodren) Antineoplastic agents against adrenocortical carcinoma
  129. A8473 Methyocarbamol Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor
  130. A8472 Methimazole ICAM-1 inhibitor
  131. A8469 Mesna Chemotherapy adjuvant;potential antioxidant
  132. A8468 Mepiroxol Antihyperlipidemic drug
  133. A8467 Mepenzolate Bromide mAChR antagonist
  134. A8382 Bismuth Subsalicylate Prostaglandin G/H Synthase 1/2 inhibitor
  135. A8463 Lithocholic Acid Activator of vitamin D receptor,PXR and FXR
  136. A8462 Lithium Citrate Mood stabilizer
  137. A1267 Adapalene RARβ and RARγ agonist
  138. A2431 Acarbose Alpha-glucosidase inhibitor
  139. A3379 EBE-A22 Derivative of PD 153035
  140. A3376 Dye 937 DNA detection dye for electrophoresis gel
  141. A3341 D149 Dye Organic dye
  142. A3236 Benfotiamine Drug for painful nerve condition
  143. A3212 Azaphen dihydrochloride monohydrate Serotonin reuptake inhibitor
  144. A3183 Ansamitocin P-3 Inhibitor of tublin spiralization,maytansine analog
  145. A3129 9-Dihydro-13-acetylbaccatin III An intermediate for taxol analog preparations
  146. A3127 7-Epi 10-Desacetyl Paclitaxel Microtubule polymer stabilizer,inhibits cancer cell growth
  147. A3102 (24S)-24,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 Inactive form of vitamin D3
  148. A4232 Cyclophosphamide monohydrate alkylating, cytotoxic agent,antitumor activity
  149. A4052 Doxycycline hyclate MMP inhibitor
  150. A3384 Elacridar BCRP inhibitor
  151. A3385 Elacridar hydrochloride BCRP and P-GP inhibitor
  152. A3523 Kaempferol Apoptosis inducer;antioxidant;flavonoid
  153. A2842 Melatonin Melatonin receptors agonist
  154. A5059 Edaravone A radical scavenger and antioxidant
  155. A3963 A-769662 AMPK activator,potent and reversible
  156. A3944 X-NeuNAc Subtrate for chromogeneic assay of neuraminidase activity
  157. A3921 Vinorelbine ditartrate Anti-mitotic chemotherapy drug
  158. A3911 VcMMAE Antibody-drug conjugate
  159. A3905 Valspodar P-glycoprotein inhibitor
  160. A3883 Tonabersat Gap junction modulator,novel benzopyran compound for Migraine and epilepsy treatment
  161. A3740 Puromycin aminonucleoside Aminonucleoside portion of the antibiotic puromycin
  162. A3722 Phenylpiracetam Nootropic derivative of piracetam
  163. A3528 Kinetin Plant growth hormones
  164. B2220 Abacavir sulfate Reverse transcriptase inhibitor
  165. B1304 Palosuran Urotensin-II receptor antagonist
  166. B3179 PTC-209 Bmi-1 inhibitor,cell-permeable and small-molecule
  167. B3021 Atglistatin ATGL inhibitor, potent and selective
  168. A8814 NH125 Selective eEF-2 kinase inhibitor
  169. A8809 Vorapaxar PAR-1 antagonist,potent and orally active
  170. A8801 ICP 103 Protein kinase inhibitor
  171. A8543 Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol) DNA Polymerase inhibitor
  172. A8540 Triamcinolone Acetonide Antiinflammatory steroid
  173. A8507 Pridinol Methanesulfonate Anticholinergic / antiparkinsonian agent
  174. A8493 Oxeladin Citrate Cough suppressant
  175. A8479 Noscapine HCl Multi-action opioid alkaloid
  176. B1149 GSK962040 Motilin receptor agonist
  177. B2146 NXY-059 Free radical trapping agent
  178. B1379 TAME APC (Anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome) inhibitor
  179. B1310 DL-threo-2-methylisocitrate sodium Substrate of isocitrate lyase 1(ICL1)
  180. B1153 DL-threo-2-methylisocitrate Substrate of isocitrate lyase 1(ICL1)
  181. B1373 Phenformin HCl biguanidine drug with anti-diabetic activity
  182. B1152 Gadobutrol Nonionic, paramagnetic contrast agent
  183. B1952 ID-8 DYRK inhibitor
  184. B2060 UNC2250 Mer inhibitor,potent and selective
  185. B1319 YS-49 monohydrate HO-1 inducer
  186. B1322 Dye 993 Cyanine dyes for DNA stain
  187. B1185 TGR5 Receptor Agonist TGR5 G-protein receptor agonist
  188. B1150 NSI-189 Nootropic and neurogenic research chemical
  189. B2135 Ursodiol Bile acids for PBC treatment
  190. A8471 Meticrane Peripheral-type benzodiazepine receptor (PBR) inhibitor
  191. A8485 Nitazoxanide Antiprotozoal agent
  192. A8536 Thiabendazole Fungicide
  193. A8535 Tetraethylenepentamine 5HCl polyamine catalyst for the bisulfite reaction of cytosine
  194. A8534 Terfenadine Histamine H1-receptor antagonist
  195. A8523 Sodium 4-amiropparaty Hyalrate Sodium 4-amiropparaty Hyalrate
  196. A8510 Ranolazine Anti-ischemic
  197. A8508 Prochlorperazine Dopamine (D2) receptor antagonist
  198. A8506 Potassium Canrenoate Aldosterone antagonist
  199. A8502 Piromidic Acid Quinolone antibiotic
  200. A8497 Pasiniazid Anti-TB and anti-leprosy drug
  201. A8494 Oxethazaine Topical anesthetic

Bioactive Peptides

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. A1011 b-Casomorphin (1-3) Milk protein casein analog, have an opioid effect