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Calcitonin and Related Receptors

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. B5362 α-CGRP (human) Endogenous calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor (CGRP) agonist
  3. B5424 AC 187 Amylin receptor antagonist, Potent and selective
  4. B5423 Amylin agonist for amylin, calcitonin, CGRP and adrenomedullin receptors
  5. B5061 CGRP (rat) Endogenous neuropeptide, potent vasodilator
  6. B5073 CGRP 8-37 (human) Peptide antagonist for CGRP1 receptors
  7. B5066 CGRP 8-37 (rat) Peptide antagonist for CGRP1 receptors
  8. B5452 CRSP-1 Endogenous central calcitonin (CT) receptor agonist
  9. B5254 PHM 27 (human) potent agonist for the human calcitonin receptor
  10. B7645 SB 268262 CGRP1 antagonist
  11. B7101 SUN-B 8155 calcitonin (CT) receptor agonist

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