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Opioid Receptor

Opioid receptor is a group of G protein-coupled receptors with opioids as ligands.

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  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. A3162 Alvimopan Mu-opioid receptors antagonist
  3. B5558 AR-M 1000390 hydrochloride Delta-opioid receptor agonist,low-internalizing
  4. B6778 SNC 162 δ-opioid receptor agonist
  5. B6324 U-54494A hydrochloride κ-opioid agonist and NMDA antagonist
  6. B6322 (-)-U-50488 hydrochloride κ-opioid receptor agonist, selective
  7. B5135 CTOP Potent and selective μ opioid receptor antagonist
  8. B6321 (±)-U-50488 hydrochloride κ-opioid receptor agonist, selective
  9. B1650 Trimebutine Antimuscarinic
  10. B2110 Meptazinol HCl Partial agonist at the μ1 opioid receptor
  11. A8456 JTC-801 KOR-3 (NOP) receptor antagonist
  12. A3163 Alvimopan dihydrate μ-opioid receptor antagonist,peripherally acting
  13. A3164 Alvimopan monohydrate PAM-OR antagonist
  14. A3296 Cebranopadol ORL-1 agonist
  15. A3517 JDTic Opioid antagonist
  16. A3572 LY2795050 KOR antagonist
  17. A2986 ADL5859 HCl δ-opioid receptor agonist,selective
  18. C4792 ML-335 agonist for OPRM1-OPRD1 heterodimerization
  19. B5353 Diprenorphine Non-selective opioid receptor antagonist
  20. B5214 [Leu5]-Enkephalin Endogenous opioid agonist peptide
  21. B5155 BAM 22P Potent endogenous agonist peptide for the newly identified sensory neuron specific receptor (SNSR);
  22. A3596 Methylnaltrexone Bromide Antagonist of peripherally acting μ-opioid
  23. A3518 JDTic 2HCl κ-opioid receptor antagonist
  24. B6463 ICI 204,448 hydrochloride κ opioid receptor agonist
  25. B6456 DIPPA hydrochloride κ receptor antagonist
  26. B6448 ICI 199,441 hydrochloride κ agonist
  27. B6441 SNC 80 δ-opioid agonist
  28. B6438 N-Benzylnaltrindole hydrochloride δ2 opioid receptor antagonist
  29. B6429 Naltrindole hydrochloride δ opioid antagonist
  30. B6407 BRL 52537 hydrochloride κ/μ opioid receptor agonist,potent and selective
  31. B6495 BNTX maleate δ1 opioid receptor antagonist
  32. B6507 β-Funaltrexamine hydrochloride μ opioid receptor antagonist
  33. B6727 SDM25N hydrochloride δ receptor antagonist
  34. B6755 FIT δ-opioid agonist, irreversible
  35. B6757 GR 89696 fumarate κ-opioid agonist
  36. B5017 N-MPPP Hydrochloride High affinity κ agonist
  37. B5020 ICI 174,864 Selective δ opioid antagonist
  38. B5030 Naltriben mesylate Selective and potent δ-opioid receptor antagonist
  39. B5741 ML 190 κ opioid receptor (KOP) antagonist
  40. B6669 GNTI dihydrochloride κ opioid receptor antagonist
  41. B6366 Naloxonazine dihydrochloride μ1 receptor antagonist
  42. B6312 (+)-U-50488 hydrochloride Selective κ-opioid agonist
  43. B6269 nor-Binaltorphimine dihydrochloride κ-opioid receptor antagonist
  44. B7121 Cyprodime hydrochloride μ-opioid receptor antagonist
  45. B7310 Dynorphin A Endogenous kappa receptor agonist
  46. B5022 ICI 154,129 Selective δ opioid antagonist
  47. B5031 Clocinnamox mesylate irreversible μ-opioid receptor antagonist
  48. B5034 SB 205607 dihydrobromide non-peptide δ1 opioid receptor agonist
  49. B5045 Endomorphin-2 μ-opioid receptors agonist
  50. B5067 DSLET δ Opioid receptor agonist
  51. B5072 [D-Ala2]-Deltorphin II natural agonist of δ opioid receptor
  52. B5111 DPDPE Prototypical selective δ-opioid receptor agonist peptide
  53. B5129 CTAP Potent and selective μ opioid receptor antagonist
  54. B5157 BW 373U86 Non-peptide delta agonist,potent and selective
  55. B5249 PL 017 Selective μ opioid receptor agonist
  56. B5260 Salvinorin A non-nitrogenous κ-opioid selective agonist
  57. B5390 Dynorphin B endogenous agonist for the kappa opioid receptor
  58. B5475 DADLE δ-opioid receptor agonist
  59. B5649 Deltorphin I δ-opioid receptor agonist
  60. B6621 DAMGO μ opioid receptor agonist