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Amyloid β

Amyloid β denotes peptides of 36–43 amino acids result from the APP (amyloid precursor protein) and are involved in Alzheimer's disease as the main component of the amyloid plaques.

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  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. B1325 EUK 134 Salen-manganese complexes;SOD mimetic
  3. A8200 DAPT (GSI-IX) Top Seller γ-secretase inhibitor,potent and specific
  4. A8190 Semagacestat (LY450139) Top Seller γ-secretase inhibitor
  5. C3597 CPHPC used with anti-SAP antibodies to eliminate amyloid deposits
  6. C3723 FPS-ZM1 RAGE Inhibitor
  7. C4194 NQTrp inhibitor of Alzheimer’s disease-associated amyloid β (Aβ) oligomerization and fibrillization
  8. C4446 TAE-1 inhibitor of amyloid-β fibril formation and aggregation
  9. C4859 (R,S)-Anatabine Aβ inhibitor
  10. C4888 (R,S)-Anatabine (tartrate) Aβ inhibitor
  11. B8029 ARN2966 APP expression modulator
  12. B5804 J 147 reduces soluble Aβ40 and Aβ42 levels
  13. B5769 Methoxy-X04 fluorescent amyloid β (Aβ) probe
  14. B7043 Ro 90-7501 Inhibitor of amyloid β42 (Aβ42) fibril assembly
  15. B5719 CRANAD 2 near-infrared probe that binds to Aβ40 aggregates
  16. B5526 LPYFD-NH2 neuroprotective peptide that binds to amyloid beta (Aβ)
  17. B7546 Colivelin Neuroprotective peptide and activator of STAT3
  18. B7446 Tramiprosate maintains Aβ in a non-fibrillar form.
  19. A3428 gamma-Secretase Modulators Amyloid-β production inhibitor
  20. B1010 Frentizole Aβ-ABAD interaction inhibitor
  21. B5487 EHT 1864 Rac family small GTPases inhibitor

Bioactive Peptides

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. A1038 Amyloid β-Peptide (10-20) (human) Initiates neurodegeneration in Alzheimer disease
  3. A1102 Amyloid β-peptide (10-35), amide Truncated peptide model
  4. A1053 amyloid A protein fragment [Homo sapiens] Apolipoproteins related to HDL in plasma
  5. A1004 Amyloid Precursor C-Terminal Peptide For beta amyloid generation
  6. A1003 Amyloid β-Protein (1-15) Principal component of amyloid
  7. A1002 Beta-Amyloid (1-11) Amyloidogenic peptide
  8. A1124 Amyloid Beta-Peptide (1-40) (human) Amyloid precursor protein
  9. A1123 Amyloid Beta-Peptide (12-28) (human) sequence H2N-VHHQKLVFFAEDVGSNK-OH
  10. A1039 Amyloid Beta-peptide (25-35) (human) Functional domain of Aβ