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Deproteinizing Sample Preparation Kit

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Simple Kit to deproteinize samples
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200 assays
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Numerous bioassays need removal of proteins from samples before analysis. The perchloric acid (PCA) precipitation is a commonly used way to removes majority of proteins and stabilizes many of the small molecule analytes. The Deproteinizing Sample Preparation Kit applies a PCA precipitation method, offers a special tool for sample preparation in various small molecules. By using the kit, proteins are precipitated, excess PCA is removed, samples are neutralized. This assay is a fast and easy way for preparation of many samples.

Features & Properties

FeaturesSimple procedure; Takes approx. 20 minutes; Fast and convenient; Samples prepared using this kit can be directly used in a wide variety of small molecule bioassays.
ShippingGel pack.
Storage ConditionsStore at -20°C.

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Store at -20°C.


Kit componentsPCA, Neutralization Solution